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hi i just wanted to ask you what your thoughts are on tora (from the pussycats) and the possibility that hes trans?? thank

oh, i think it is canon that he’s trans!! 

[page link]

it’s much more clear in this translation, so i’m 100% certain that Tora is canonically trans. which i think is really, really awesome!!!

it’s very rare to come across positively portrayed LGBTQA+ characters in anime, and especially in shonen. and particularly trans characters. 

i’m really happy to see a positively portrayed trans character in MHA, and especially one who still enjoys wearing cute girly clothes, like his hero outfit. and his teammates and friends all love and respect him, and he’s an incredibly well respected hero in the world of MHA. he has absolute confidence in who he is, and he’s a total sweetheart, and he cares so much for his friends.

basically: i think Tora is awesome and i love his character a lot