And just because why not, here’s my Emperor’s Soul project all in one post!

For my portfolio I did this Visual Development Project based on Brandon Sanderson’s novella „The Emperor’s Soul“.
In an Asian-inspired fantasy setting, we follow the story of Shai, a so called „forger“ with the magical ability to change an object’s appearance and history by applying a „soul stamp“ to it. @torbooks

tor-eh  asked:

Your beekeeper witch who creates lavender honey is one of my favorites! She is beautiful and I love her so much, especially because I've always loved bees. Can you tell me more about her? 👸🏽🐝❤️

Me and @anonbea are designing a cute-ass story with her and a few other characters about magic, bread, and beees. It’s gonna be cute as heck.

Her hair is in braids with actual pieces of lavander weaved into the ends (either that or lavander grows out the ends of her braids). She loves flowers and making things, she’s kind of an inventor. She also looovvvveeess getting fresh bread from the local bakery, not because there’s a cute baker who works there or anything.

The genre is like Kiki’s Delivery Service, but with bees and gays.

I made a Togruta and based her colors and overall design off a Monarch butterfly! I’m going to keep her as an OC since I really like her and I might have some ideas for a backstory for her.