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Cat de fraiera sunt ca iubesc nebunește un tip care nu simte nimic pentru mine ?

Cât de fraieră eşti? Nu eşti deloc fraieră. Iubirea nu ţi-o programezi şi nici nu alegi tu acea persoană. Nu poţi controla inima, nu-i poţi ordona, chiar dacă ai face-o, nu te-ar asculta. Nu eşti fraier dacă iubeşti, eşti doar îndrăgostit. Toţi am trecut sau vom trece printr-un moment în care vom iubii, dar nu vom fii iubiţi. Tot ceea ce contează e să fii puternică şi să ai grijă de tine. Nu uita să lupţi pentru ceea ce-ţi doreşti şi să nu te dai bătută niciodată. Ai încredere în tine şi oricât de greu ar fii, zâmbeşte. Totul se întâmplă cu un motiv, nimic nu e întâmplător

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How long did it take you to write your first draft of Truthwitch? How did it compare to your other novels? And finally, how long did edits/revisions take before you sold it?

Oh man, Truthwitch was tough. I wrote the first 200 pages in a whirlwind of inspiration in March/April 2013. It took me about a month, honestly. I stopped at 200 pages because at this point in my career, I don’t NEED to write an entire book. I can sell things on proposal (50-200 p of a book + long synopsis of whole story).

I revised the 200 pages with my CP and my agent for a few months (a LOT of that time was actually just waiting on my agent to get back to me). The book went out on submission in September and within 2 weeks an editor at Tor wanted it…but she wanted something called a Revise & Resubmit.

So, I spent ~8 days revising for this awesome editor (she wanted me to remove the only-briefly-there POVs, simplify the magic a bit, and cut out the prologue). I did what she asked (it felt right!), and sold to Tor in November 2013 (note: I wasn’t allowed to share this news for 5 months. It darn near killed me!).

THEN began the hard part. I had NO IDEA what to write. I waffled and worried for a few weeks, trying to reconnect to the spark and love that had first inspired the book.

Well, I couldn’t find the love but I forced myself to write onward anyway starting in mid-Dec 2013. ~1.5 months later (end of January 2014), I had 105K of a first verrrry rough draft. I revised it thoroughly, and at the end of February, I gave it to my CP. She was like, “Naaaah. This is all wrong.” She said it nicer than that, of course, but she pointed out how I’d totally drifted from my original focus/voice into a younger YA tone. This book was always intended as upper YA/adult, so I really needed to fix this error.

I dove back in, reading adult fantasy as I worked and trying to reconnect with those characters who’d first EXPLODED in my mind. 2 weeks later, I had completely gutted the second half on an emotional, character arc level. Round 2 was WAY better–I could just feel it in my bones.

So I started working with some other CPs/betas during March. They helped me spot some plot/character issues, but I still felt like I could make the book even better. Then I read a book that was getting a lot of buzz at the time (shall not name for you), and it was so SHALLOW to me. The world felt so 2D, and it (quite frankly) pissed me off that this book was being called “fantasy.” Now don’t get me wrong: I actually enjoyed the book I read, I just felt it could have been taken up a notch.

Out of fear that my own book could be “taken up a notch” as well, I went back through and HEAVILY revised one more time–deepening conflict, pushing my characters harder, and really trying to tap into the heart of each of their stories.

I turned the book into my editor at the end of April. It was WAY more work than I ever anticipated (not gonna lie), but I really wanted this book to be the BEST IT CAN BE. And I had been (and still am) willing to take some more time to get it there.

Well, 3.5 months (mid-August), I got my first edit letter. Some of it I totally agreed with; some of it took some time for me to come around to. One BIG issue my editor had was that the book was 160K words. She wanted to get it down to 115K. O_O

Well, 1.5 months later (end of September), I had removed an ENTIRE subplot, reassembled the story, tightened the HELL out of it, and gotten it to ~118K. At that point, I learned we were going to be picking up the pace on things. Rather than have a second round of revisions (as is standard), we’d combine line edits and revisions into one.

I got the revisions in November. I had 2 weeks to do them. It was SO HARD because everything felt really scattered in my head. We were changing the MC’s name again (from Sorsha to Noelle to, finally, Iseult), and I had made such huge plot changes in the last round of revisions…Nothing was coherent anymore in my head.

But I met the deadline, and early December, the book went off to copyedits.

I got copyedits early February with 1.5 weeks to do them. This would’ve been fine, except that as I read the book, I realized a LOT of the rushed changes I’d made in the last round weren’t going to work–plus there were some things I needed to change for book 2.

In 1.5 weeks, I gutted that book. I took it apart, fixed what needed fixing (a lot of the voice had gotten lost during that last round of revisions and tightening! I needed to bring it back!), and then I turned it in (~1 week late. So 2.5 weeks after I got it).

THEN, my editor was like, “GASP! What are all these huge changes! This is copyedits! We can’t do this!” To which I was all, “Crap! I AM SO SORRY.” Then, in a single weekend, she read the whole book again, made some more editorial notes, and I had 1 day–ONE DAY–to revise one more time.

We did it, though, and now that I’m reading the first pass pages, I’m actually impressed by how smooth everything is! I mean, it was all so scattered in my head by the end–so many rushed deadlines! So much cracking the story apart to reassemble it for more impact.

At the end of the day, very little changed. The events are the same, the characters are the same, and yet the WAY I told the story is so much stronger for all the revising and polishing and pushing myself to do just one more round.


I’m tired just thinking about all that work. But on the bright side, it makes me feel better about the current state of book 2–which is a Giant Hot Mess. I pushed myself to make Truthwitch the best it could be, and I’ll do the same for Windwitch. As Pat Rothfuss once said, “You’ll only miss a deadline once, but your book will suck forever.” ;)

This is a little sample of the new version of my writing system Yuthili. I changed it so that one symbol can represent a consonant vowel consonant (CVC) syllable rather than just a CV or V by a complicated “inversion” system that basically breaks up the segments of the CV part by the final C part; this is  too complicated to explain without images, but the name “Karkat Vantas” shows the principle pretty well with its four identical vowels.

Troll names are a funny thing to look at because although each one has 6 letters in both the first and last names, each first or last name varies between being written with 2, 3, or 4 glyphs. There is a break-down of each name by the syllable structure so it’ll make slightly more sense. Rotating a consonant makes the vowel different; see the the Ra in Makara and the Ri in Eridan as examples of this. However, coda consonant shapes do not rotate.

A-Ra-Di-A Me-Gi-Do | Tav-Ros Ni-T-Ram | Sol-lux Cap-tor

Kar-kat Van-Tas | Ne-Pe-Ta Le-I-Jon | Ka-Na-Ya Ma-Ry-Am

Te-Re-Zi Py-Rop-E | V-Ri-S-Ka Ser-Ket | E-qu-I-Us Zah-Hak

Gam-Ze-E Ma-Ka-Ra | E-Ri-Dan Am-Po-Ra | Fe-Fe-Ri Pe-I-Xes

Here is a previous version of the writing system.

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Habe gerade eingeschaltet und ernsthaft das Roman nicht im Tor ist? Der kleine ist nicht gut fürs Tor.

Roman hat Rückenprobleme und Mitch ist alles andere als klein und sehr wohl fürs Tor geeignet. Überzeugt mich momentan sogar mehr als Roman.

im sorry i cant text tor talk im sorry i have to sleep and my leg is shaking if you messagge me im not foun gto respond but its alpreciated for when im normal again hahhahahaha normal

Jelentéktelen momentumok mindig voltak, vannak és lesznek is az életünkben. Lesznek jelentéktelen, emberek, helyszínek, impulzusok, az érzelmet is nagy bátorságomban ide sorolnám. De, hogy a fenébe birkózzak meg vele a későbbiekben, ha a mostani problémákat sem tudom stabil lelki állapottal elsimítani?
Lelkem acélos. Nem fog ki rajtam senki. Dögöljetek meg, bassza meg.

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Ich weiß das Fan sein und ein richtiger Fan sein wird immer heiß diskutiert und vileicht bin ich in deinen Augen oder der der anderen Schalke Blogs kein richtiger Fan mehr obwohl ich seitdem ich denken kann den Verein unterstütze und für mich sind wir immer noch die Besten auch wenn es im Moment nicht so aussieht, aber was empfindest du wenn du im Stadion sitzt oder das Spiel im TV siehst ? Also mittlerweile muss ich nur noch lachen wenn wir mal wieder ein Tor kassieren und selbst keins schießen

Ich sage mal so - falls ich mich nicht irre, sind es noch zwei Spieltage. 

So, wie ich meinen Verein kenne, wird er sich so oder so wieder aufrappeln. Sind wir mal ehrlich, ist das keine neue Situation für uns. Der FC Schalke 04 hat so gut wie jede Saison seine guten und schlechten Zeiten. Ich kann Leute nicht verstehen, die zum Beispiel beim Trainerwechsel sagten: “Ja, Di Matteo ist so gut und endlich ist der Keller weg, der war schlecht”, die aber dann im Moment kommen mit “Ja Di Matteo raus, Keller wieder rein”. Das gleiche gilt zum Beispiel auch für Timon Wellenreuther. Alle waren so begeistert von dem Kerl, bis er dann Tore reingelassen hat. Wo ich mir dann nur denke, Leute, der Kerl ist 19 Jahre, lasst dem Zeit. Ein anderes Beispiel ist das Spiel gegen Madrid. Danach haben alle so von unserem Team geschwärmt und was ist jetzt? “Scheiß Millionäre” und “Ja, ihr seid so schlecht”. Ja, mein Gott, dann sind wir nun mal momentan nicht das beste Team unserer Vereinsgeschichte, man macht es doch nicht besser mit schlecht reden - Im Gegenteil, es verschlechtert sich nur noch. Entscheidet euch doch mal, was ihr wollt. Dann spielen wir halt eine “schlechte Rückrunde”, wobei auf dem 5ten Platz einer Bundesliga Tabelle zu stehen, mir nicht schlecht erscheint. Ihr habt zu Hohe Ansprüche. Dann spielen wir halt mal ein Jahr keine Champions League, sondern nur Europa League - Weltuntergang?

Manche reagieren etwas über, es ist ja nicht so, als würden wir auf einem Abstiegsplatz stehen, oder? 

Hört auf mit diesem auf gut Deutsch “Scheiß”. Es wird nicht besser, wenn ihr so etwas sagt und unser Team auslacht zum Beispiel. Schalke hat jede Saison gute und schlechte Zeiten und jedes mal aufs Neue, schwärmt man erst und redet dann so einen Müll. Ihr seid es doch schon gewöhnt, ihr wisst doch, dass wir uns immer wieder aufrappeln. 

Unterstützt doch bitte einfach den Fußballclub Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e. V. und meckert nicht rum - so kann man euch bei aller Liebe nicht gebrauchen.