na flor da minha pele
tem teu nome desenhado
em gotas

na minha janela
a árvore me encara todo fim de tarde
como se me mandasse ir atrás de ti

na minha cama
o lençol se recusa a sair
se for só para enrolar minha solidão

no espelho
teu reflexo insiste
em nunca ir embora

na porta
tuas chaves
já não entram mais

[por te amar, escrevo
por te odiar, adeus]


30 Problems Only Canadian People Will Understand. #11 Is So Accurate It Hurts.

1. People asking you to say ‘aboot ‘ for them and waiting for ‘eh’.

2. Having roads in our potholes.

3. Accidentally setting your keyboard to French and not realizing for the longest time.

4. When I Travel Abroad, Locals Think I’m American.

5. When I Type ’?,’ It Comes Out As 'É’

6. Constantly getting duds when it’s roll up the rim season.

7. Uses Canadian Spelling… Gets Corrected By U.S. Spell-Checker.

8. Asks For A Double-Double… U.S. Cashier Doesn’t Understand.

9. Paid $1.98 Charge With A Toonie… Got No Change.

10. Shipping with the US: free. Shipping internationally: 3 BILLION DOLLARS.

11. Panicking at the scent of burnt toast.

12. Just Got Netflix… U.S. Selection Is WAY Better.

13. If you pronounce the second ’t’ in Toronto, you obviously don’t live in Toronto.

14. Tim Horton’s withdrawel while abroad.

15. Wearing heavy-duty winter boots to school and looking like a hoser all day.

16. 3 second milk ads that leave you wondering what just happened.

17. Being asked if you ski to work.

18. Your international friends and family visit the other side of Canada but still expect to see you.

19. Wildly overestimating the price with tax, just to be safe.

20. Travelling to England means that half of your luggage is filled with plug adapters.

21. Ooh, 15 cents. That’s really helpful Canadian Tire.

22. “I have a friend named ______ in Vancouver, do you know them?”

23. Salt stains on everything in the winter.

24. Fahrenheit is a confusing and impenetrable mystery.

25. Need to fake an American zip code because there isn’t a postal code box.

26. “And remember class, it must be by a Canadian.”

27. The air hurts my face. Why am I living where the air hurts my face.

28. Having to take your mitts off in the winter to text someone back.

29. “What’s your background?” I’m Canadian. “no, before that.”

30. The calories in poutine. Seriously, the stuff tastes like heaven.