i’m watching ToQger and just

this show is fantastic, it’s full of positive messages and happiness. the only toku show i’ve ever seen that’s this positive is kamen rider fourze, which is another one of my favorites for exactly the same reasons. 

the fact that everyone is so happy and protecting people’s imaginations just really, really gets me. it legitimately makes me tear up whenever they save kids from monsters. just look at this.

look at this and tell me that isn’t the most precious goddamn thing you’ve ever seen. the ToQgers could have just ran off and fought the monster in their robot, but they stopped to make this kid’s dream come true.

super hero shows don’t need to be dark or edgy when they can encourage positivity in kids like this. my role models on TV growing up were nowhere near this level of positivity, and that’s why i love watching these shows. 

I wish that my parents would watch tokusatsu with me.

I try to tell them that they might seem just silly and funny.

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But they can be really deep.

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They’re not just fun and games.

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Sometimes they may seem violent.

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But that doesn’t mean they are bad.

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They can also teach important lessons

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They’re not a waste of time!