untuk menjadi orang yang berjaya tidak semestinya memerlukan sijil atau pelajaran tinggi… hanya dengan minat, kebolehan dan pengalaman boleh berjaya..

Contoh di sini saya bagi :chef /tukang masak… rasanya profession ini tak perlukan degree atau PHD nak berjaya meraih topi yg tinggi..

minat seni lukisan sejak dari umur 6 tahun lg..suka bermain colour. habis SPM nak masuk MMU memang family tak mampu, bukan dr family yg senang.. nak masuk UITM matematik dan bi x ckup kreadit.. tp sebab MINAT bile dpt je laptop terus asah skill edit gambar..masa zaman friendster/myspace dulu memang rajin edit pic kawan2 online.
i create group editing photoshop/ illustrator kumpul kwn2 yg minat mengedit kongsi minat kongsi ilmu.

Alhamdulillah now kerana MINAT saya jdkan ia KERJAYA… walaupun saya berkelulusan memilih berhenti kerana tidak minat dan cabar diri MEMBERHENTIKAN DIRI SENDIRI..awak bila lagi??? adik2 yang tak berjaya sambung study tak perlu takut dan risau tentang masa depan kamu…kerana selagi kita BERUSAHA ALLAH AKAN BANTU..

“Fa-biayyi alaa'i Rabbi kuma tukadzdzi ban ”
Maka nikmat Tuhanmu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan?

Should You Use Sole Protectors?

A long time ago, when I first started buying high-quality footwear, I used to have my cobbler put sole protectors on all my shoes. Sole protectors are thin rubber sheets that can be put at the bottom of soles. They protect your shoes from wear and thus limit the number of times you need to have them resoled. 

I did this for years until I realized that it wasn’t saving me much money. Having protectors put on usually costs about $25. Having soles replaced usually costs about $50-75. I found that protectors lasted about a year and a half, while leather soles could go for about three to four years. Obviously, your mileage may vary, as a lot will depend on how often you wear your shoes and what type of surfaces you walk on, but from my experience, the savings were minimal, if there were any at all.

So, what are the reasons why someone might want to get sole protectors? Well, for one, they arguably provide slightly more traction, especially on smooth, indoor floors. They could also be more economical if you don’t have someone in your area who can resole your shoes for a reasonable fee. If you send your shoes back to the original manufacturer, or to certain shoe refurbishing shops, you can pay anywhere from  $125 to $300. That typically comes with more service - your uppers can be refurbished, and you might get a free pair of shoe trees or something - but if you don’t need those things, you’re effectively paying ~$125-300 for a resoling. That’s significantly more than the $50-75 a local cobbler might charge (assuming you have someone you trust).

Shoes can also be resoled only so many times, and every resoling comes with a bit of risk. Almost all welted shoes, for example, are made with a linen holdfast called “gemming.“ Some experts have noted that this can rip during a resole, and once this happens, the gemming can’t be easily repositioned, which means you shoes will walk out of shape. Thus, the fewer resolings you need to do, the better.

The downside is that sole protectors are a bit ugly, especially the ones made by Topy. Admittedly, nobody ever really sees the bottom of your shoes, but sometimes they do if you cross your legs (or become the President of the United States and put your feet on the table, right in front of a photographer, as shown above). Plus, if your sole protectors are not correctly applied, moisture can seep in, which in turn can cause rotting. Certain companies, such as Edward Green, also claim that rubber protectors prevent your soles from "breathing,” which in turn can shorten their life. (I’m skeptical of this, but you can take it for what it’s worth.)

In the end, whether or not you should add sole protectors is up to you, and a lot will depend on various factors, but at least now you know what are some of the factors you should consider. The value is not obvious. 

Topi’s Daily Card #364: Spinal Embrace

Spinal Embrace is one of those cards that you don’t know you need until you see the card itself. It’s a really niche combat trick that helps you deal with an attacker or blocker, and on top of that makes you sacrifice the creature for a nice chunk of life. While six mana is a lot to hold back, the potential upside isn’t something to ignore.

Help please from the shoe fetish crowd:

Has any one used topys in snow? Do they grip at all? I am sick of wearing Blundstones or Bean Boots, but all my other shoes/boots have leather soles.

Also, how do you pronounce topys?

Nie interesują mnie pozorne relacje, pozór kontaktów i samozachwyt, że jesteśmy en vogue, trendy, w głównym nurcie. Nie jesteśmy. Jesteśmy w dupie. Jeśli pani nie usiądzie i nie będzie mogła porozmawiać ze swoimi bliskimi normalnie, to jest pani w dupie, za przeproszeniem. I siedem tysięcy znajomych na Facebooku nic tu nie pomoże.
—  Robert Więckiewicz

Topi’s Daily Card #369:  Fact or Fiction

I’ll confess, I’m not exactly skilled with this card.  For the most part this cards’ gonna have you draw three or two cards, and depending on who you choose to divvy up the piles, you could have some interesting choices.  It feels optimal for you to choose the opponent who has the least amount of skill at determining what the best cards are(like myself) and how to divide them so you could get the best options potentially.  Anything with piles is tough to judge but most of the time I’ll just go for the pile that has more cards.  This card’s a staple in blue goodstuff decks, and just fits in about any build, particularly spell oriented or graveyard oriented decks, this one allowing you to draw as well as put chosen cards into your graveyard.  Fact or Fiction is just a good card, and that’s no lie. 

Ti-as putea spune ca te iubesc,
cat toata zapada de la Poli
dar daca intr-o zi, se va topi?
Ti-as putea spune ca te iubesc,
cat toata apa de pe Pamant
dar daca intr-o zi, va seca?
Ti-as putea spune ca te iubesc,
cat toate stelele de pe cer
dar daca intr-o zi vor cadea toate?
As putea sa-mi compar dragostea cu multe infinitati permanente,
dar nu degeaba dragostea nu poate fi exprimata
in cuvinte…

Topi’s Daily Card #355:  Dust Elemental

I have a bit of a soft spot for creatures that are known as gating creatures.  The the gate mechanic was a theme in the old set Planeshift, but was used on earlier cards such as Shrieking Drake, and Dust Elemental is a fine evolution in the creatures that bounce others.  For four mana you get to save three of your creatures from certian doom at the cost of maybe losing your Elemental, or you can save two creatures and return the Dust Elemental as well for another save.  If you let this guy stick, it’s a solid creature with two evasions, making it extremely tough to block and can be a huge hassle against a large swath of decks.  Best in blink builds or just as an interesting combat trick in partial white decks, Dust Elemental is one of my favorite pet cards, and I love showing people what this card can do in a pinch.

Topis at sunset - I have posted this picture some weeks ago, but in 1/1 format. I think its worth it to have a look to the original 3/2 landscape format…. Upon returning to our camp in the Masai Mara, the sky turned a dark grey and announced an approaching storm. It was an almost unreal play of light and color, clouds and shapes: topis in front of falling rain as the setting sun backlights the entire scene in hues of orange and red. I love it so much, it makes you addicted….one of the reasons why I am always going back to Africa, again and again.

☛ New Photography from Stephan Tuengler

Topi’s Daily Card #359:  Jester’s Cap

Lately when I’ve been playing EDH, I’ve been losing pretty regularly to two things:  G/x Ramp and Combo.  The newest deck I’m building is gonna add in this hate card to try and help with the latter of these two issues.  4 mana, with a quick activation can neuter any combo deck with a single activation.  Picking the right cards is key to neutering the right decks.  For my own meta, I’d probably be removing Turnabouts, Mind of Matter, Laboratory Maniac, and basically any sort of time walks.  This can also get rid of your greatest weaknesses or annoying cards, and overall is a more reactive card.  But if you need to teach your metagame a lesson, cards like Jester’s Cap go a long way in enforcing your opponents to find new ways to win.