PokemonGo Teams Explained with Kingdom Hearts Gifs

Team Valor:  Believe that Pokemon are powerful, and the key to true power is a the powerful Bond between pokemon and trainer 

Known for being the most competitive and valueing power, Team Valor is actually full of extroverts who are really nice and can be overly friendly

When a Team Valor person asks what’s your strongest pokemon and talks about their pokemon, they’re not bragging, they just really love pokemon and want to make friends with all of them, and make friends with you and your pokemon. That said, Team Valor is ready to declare that Valor is the best, because they believe in the power of their pokemon friends and nothing will shake their belief 

Team Instinct: Believe in themselves, their pokemon, and doing what comes naturally or whatever feels right in the moment

Known for their idealistic, follow your gut and it will all be right philosphy, they can actually be very confident to the point of arrogance. Team Instinct are not afraid of anything! They have faith in gut feelings all right, but their gut usually tells them they can come out on top

That said, Team Instinct can be pretty laid back compared to the other teams, they know they’re the best and don’t need to prove anything

Team Mystic: Believe that the Wisdom of Pokemon is “immeasurably deep” and see Pokemon as worthy specimens for analysis, their approach to training a logical and almost academic

Known for their rivalry with Team Valor and thinking themselves the greatest, this is not a belief for team Mystic, it’s a conclusive fact that can be proven with empirical evidence, Team Mystic actually tends to be made up of introverts who can a bit shy and overwhelmed by more outgoing types like Team Valor.

That said, for shy introverts they can be very aggressive when it comes to proving they’re the best 


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