topsy turvy design

When the wonderlandians went back to Wonderland High to find out more about the mysterious invasion of the Red Kingdom, there weren’t aware of that they actually had to attend school again. A lot has changed since last time and with Alice being the new headmistress, there are new rules to follow.


Being the leader of his troop of the and the former vice principal of WH sure were some hard jobs, but being the new teacher of several subject, sure wasn’t something he wanted to write down on his curriculum vitae. But after all, these new rules must be followed. And who wouldn’t love to have this handsome guy as your history teacher, right Alistair?


Maddie already has been a master in mixing chemicals and creating shrinking potions back at Ever After High, but Wonderland High gives her new opportunities to create bigger and much more exciting potions the world has never seen before


Lizzie of course HAD TO join the Art of Fashion-Club, where she met another passionate fashionista, Edelyn Van Cœur, a Jupjup Cat from the Kingdom of Hearts. A few sketches and measurements later they became friends and rivals. Let’s see what the futur holds for them :3