hi yall anyway im calling out for tobae shippers out there! tobae anyone? someone? ; ~ ; i wanna get to know some of you who ship them!

lemme know on tumblr or you can find me on twitter! i dont bite, really! i wouldnt mind making a new friend who loves this ship hahaha they’re one of my favourites so.. cant help it! alright bye ;p

Twitter: @Seungchronize

Fuck posers, yo! Just submitted this to threadless, reminiscing on my days as a 12-year-old poser hater, true blood aggressive inline skater. I did a front flip once. Help me alley-oop 540 topsole my way into $2015 by rebloggin and voting here! :

dit:  I’ve posted the process work for this illustration on my behance. Check it here