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Dude, I know. This whole Battleworld universe is a clusterfuck. It doesn't even seem like the writers coordinated anything at all or even communicate ever. Have alternate universes where anything is possible??? Where characters are in triplicate and everything is topsy-turvy?Coulda been great. But somehow it's lame and contrived. I want bg on the Thors. I want another xmen in Egypt story, not ten pages with no ororo and a dead kurt. Wasted potential everywhere!

//This whole let’s reboot everything again, with the same stories we have already told was a dumb idea from the start. If they wanted to end 616 just take a full year wrap up everyones stories right and start fresh. Wait Kurt is dead? FUCKING AGAIN?! 

//I may need a minute or ten.

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Hiii!! What can you recommend, to use a binder or to use noteboks? Or both? It’s so hard to decide. What are the pros and cons? Thank youuu!!

Hey there! The choice relies a bit on what you prefer ~ it’s kind of ‘each to their own’! Folders are good because you can have plastic pockets and dividers and all that jazz, but sometimes notebooks can be better because it’s all linearly set out, if you glue stuff in you won’t lose it, tabs can be used instead of binders etc etc.

For science/maths subjects, I’d recommend trying out a notebook (if you don’t like it, you can certainly switch!) because those subjects seem to be more 'this topic’ and then 'this topic’ whereas humanities and languages and arts are more topsy-turvy! [at least in my country they are!] you can always carry a folder with your notebooks and have plastic pockets in there if you don’t want to bring a glue stick to every class!

Cons of folders is that they break more easily, they’re generally more expensive bc you have to buy all the stuff to go in it, and they can be quite large.

Cons of notebooks is that they are hard to rearrange, mistakes can’t be thrown away - ripping out a page is obvious, if you forget to stick in a page then it can be out of order, and if you’re doing multiple topics at once it’s just plain annoying!

Essentially, just go with what you find more productive and helps you achieve the best outcome! If you’re not sure what method is best, try them both and then choose (or mix and match!) good luck xxx

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“I think if we believe in ‘meant to be,’ we’ll never make it. We’ve got to make it be, Dean. You and me.” So I just read this fic and that phrase resonated with me, so here's a question Em: do you believe in people being destined to love someone? Or in love at first sight? You don't really have to answer if it's too personal or you don't want to. I just got curious :)

oh, what a good question! love, the most mysterious, the most fascinating thing.

I honestly don’t believe in destined love. the world is so big and so chaotic, and the tiniest of coincidences or random happenings can bring people together or split people apart. and I don’t believe that there’s a pattern or a design to that, I think it’s just… riotous and topsy-turvy and mad. I don’t think events themselves conspire to bring two people together.

what I do believe in, however, is the determination of two people who choose to defy the madness and the chaos, and hold on to each other throughout everything the world throws at them, good and bad. I believe that when two people are committed like that, they have the power to make their love inevitable, you know? like, instead of the world shaping their story, they take hold of each other and use that to shape the world. I don’t believe in destiny, but I do believe in love. and the power of choice.

as for love at first sight… I do think that people can feel a very powerful connection when they first meet each other, a kind of love. but I think that the love which endures is the one which exists in more than that single dimension, expanded and deepened by a greater knowledge of each other. ^^

thank you for the question!! it really got me thinking. I don’t know if I’m right about it but I loved thinking on it. C:

Cats in a Row


This took so long…Artbook Illustration, all of my Cat OCs on one picture.
Half of these I havent drawn for AGES, drawing them brought back old memories :‘D 
From Left to right: My still unnamed Dawn Kitten, Color, Topsie and Tilly (my beloved cats as cartoon characters), “Ayachat”, Anoki, Lee and Mod Cat.

The blue one was probably my first fursona, I named her “Lee” instead of Ellen or Elli. I drew her as a baby to represent my younger self meeting the almost grown up I am now with my Mod Cat.

Disney This or That

Bold which you’d rather! 

  • Spend a day under the sea with Ariel or spend a day in Olympus with Hercules
  • Sail the seven seas with Captain Jack Sparrow or Will Turner?
  • Attend Topsy Turvy Day with Quasimodo or go to Halloweentown and hang out with Jack Skellington?
  • Bake with Tiana or Paint with Rapunzel?
  • Fly around with Baymax or Peter Pan?
  • Hang out in Arendelle or Corona?
  • Have Lady or Duchess for a pet?
  • Be adopted by wolves in the jungle like Mowgli was or by gorillas like Tarzan was?
  • Would you rather have ice powers like Elsa or fighting skills like Mulan?
  • Would you rather get turned in to a bear like Kenai or a llama like Kuzco?
  • Wear Cinderella’s 1950′s dress or her 2015 dress?
  • Do you prefer Aurora’s pink or blue dress?
  • Have Esmeralda’s dancing skills or Mulan’s fighting skills?
  • Spend the afternoon with Gaston or Frollo?
  • Would you rather have Belle’s library or Ariel’s grotto?
  • Would you rather wear Pocahontas’ necklace or Cinderella’s glass slipper?
  • Have Anna’s braids or Jasmine’s ponytail?
  • Would you rather be in a live action or animated Disney movie?
  • Do you prefer princess or animal movies?
  • Which soundtrack do you prefer; The Lion King or Pocahontas?
  • Would you rather be in the Sugar Rush racing game or in the Hero’s Duty game?
  • Travel to Atlantis or Treasure Planet?
  • Travel by magic carpet or by Pegasus?
  • Be a hero or a villain?
  • Be a shapeshifter like Madam Mim or have magic like Dr. Facilier?
  • Bring back Mufasa or Tadashi?
We’ve successfully created a world so topsy-turvy that seeking medical help for depression or anxiety is apparently stronger evidence of violent tendencies than going out and purchasing a weapon whose only purpose is committing acts of violence. We’ve got a narrative going where doing the former is something we’re OK with stigmatizing but not the latter. God bless America.

She really is…

And for the rest of you: Thanks to you, Cats took control over the Factory of Santa Claus and Ice cream became an endangered Species…save the Ice under

By the way, a note for my dear german followers: Even if I am from Germany, please ask me something in english so I don’t have to translate, ok? :3 Thank you! ^w^

Sorting 50 numbers with two classic algorithms: quicksort (above, topsy-turvy) and selection sort. While quicksort is in another class of time complexity and is more commonly used, it’s the selection sort that uses fewer exchanges; in fact, it minimizes them. Here, it makes 46 exchanges, quicksort 68.