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Please Make Sense - November 4, 2011


I’m a girl today. Makes me wanna eat what I want. The first thing I did when I came to Ayala was eat Mango Cheesecake ice cream from Gelatissimo. Then had Asparagus Bacon at Teriyaki Boy for dinner.

Ohaii tharr! Dinnarrr time! I wanted smth with vegetable. HAHA! Opted for Shawarma at first but I already had two yesterday. Caesar salad is too leafy for me so I had this! Yes. Just that for dinner. HAHA!

Tah daah! Really amazing what camera phones can do nowadays! If there was proper lighting, this photo could look better! Yellow lights aren’t good for food photography imho. Or idk. I may be wrong. JUICY BACON! ME GUSTA!

And had Pistachio ice cream cake at Dessert Factory! I originally wanted the Mocha Mousse in Tablea Tea but it looked so heavy. LOL I HAD TWO ICE CREAMS TODAY!

Yow! HAHA! Trying to look carefree having this syndrome! LOL I just really hate being a girl every month for one week! I’m so hella dark already! HAHA! And I just noticed that my elbows are too pointed. HAHA! I’m in my pad right now. Will prolly go out later at 11:00 pm for some balut. I had three last night! :D Also, I want to spend a REAL FRIDAY NIGHT! But how? HAHA!