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this fic would be in the style of an interview for FIT PREGNANCY & BABY after the announcement (AKA, beyoncé photoshoot) that victor is expecting his and yuuri’s sixth kid.  

the interview goes in depth into victor’s secrets for staying in shape through pregnancy (”money,” victor says dryly. “and a wonderful husband who will put up with your shit and make you get out of bed in the morning when you don’t want to”), but also goes into the active home life of the katsuki-nikiforov family; kumiko, the oldest at age ten, doesn’t have her sights set on professional figure skating like her fathers, but proudly shows the gap in her front teeth from getting checked last week in her hockey game; daniel and sasha, the twins, are both eight and do show an affinity for the artistry of skating that their sister shies away from; yulia is five and more concerned with other beautiful things, like the paintings she’s made and had hung on the fridge, or the picture books victor and yuuri read her at night tucked around her and her brother, ryuu, who at age three sports the same chubby cheeks and trademark shyness as yuuri.  

the third part of the interview would just be victor’s massive walk-in wardrobe, lots of lululemon and topshop and bun maternity, brands that victor has contributed to with his own private collections in the past.  

it would end with the family making hand pizzas in the kitchen together, sauce on lots of palms and noses and cheeks, grated cheese everywhere, victor pressing kalamata olives to yuuri’s mouth, blissfully undistracted from the chaos around them.  “i’m getting old,” victor would complain, looking yuuri in the eyes.  “number six could be my last one, and i hate to think about it.  i just want to keep building this family forever.”  

yuuri wouldn’t comment, but he would hum, swallow, blush with his face turned in agreement.  

(send me a made up fic title, and i’ll tell you what i would write to go with it)

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i need Luke during your pregnancy fluff please! Like you feeling really insecure because you think you're a whale?? Thanks

You stood looking at yourself in the dressing room mirror. Even the maternity clothing seemed to look off on you. You pulled at the flannel you were wearing, disheartened. 

“Can I see?” Luke called through the door, his voice tinged with excitement. The closer you got to your due date, the more ecstatic he got.

“No,” you called back, your voice cracking.

“Why not?” you could almost hear the pout in his voice.

You sighed. “It… it looks bad.”

“I bet it doesn’t!” he called, knocking on the door. “Can I come in?” you heard him turn to the girl working the fitting room. “Can I go in there?”

You opened the door, and stood in front of him. His jaw dropped, and you felt yourself turn bright red. You buried your face in your hands. “I’m huge.”

He laughed. “Oh my god, I was about to say you’re beautiful. Is that what this is about?” he opened his arms and you fell into them. “You’re being so silly, babe. You look amazing, and I love this shirt on you, and you’re carrying our son and I couldn’t possibly love you any more than I already do.” 

He pulled away and kissed your forehead, and then rested his hands on your bump. “And of course you’re huge, baby hemmings is packing a massive quiff.”