topshop crop top


Flirty combos are my favorite part of the summertime. I’ve been told once or twice I’m a tease. Yes and proudly I am. Some of you have caught on to that. Giggles.


Mossimo crop top
Topshop high waisted skirt
Boots not really seen are Steve Madden

Photos were taken a while back (I think 2 years) but I just repeated this combo two weeks ago for food carts and drinks. This whole repeating looks thing, I never do ever, well ok very seldom. I have to have a creative buzz on a daily basis, otherwise I won’t feel confident that day. This look tho I did and it fit the same and felt comfortable so I plunged into a repeat.

These you might remember a similar one taken at same time. A funnier one is my profile pic on my mixed media reblog @thatportlandredheadreblogs

I hate you because I love you

Request: Hiii. Could u maybe do an imagine for me where he really hates the girl but at the end they get together.? 

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