topshop beanie

Imagine Your OTP

cliche chaebol AU

A & B standing in a shopping centre

A (arrogant & rich) : *gives B credit card* *smirks* you can get anything you want, I’ll wait in the car

B : *stares at card, then stares at A, takes card and enters shopping centre* 

- 30 mins later -

B returns.

B : *returns card and receipts to A*

A : *reads receipts* are you serious, you used my platinum credit card to get a pair of H&M jeans and a beanie from TOPSHOP?!

my christmas gifts :)

please don’t read this if you’re going to take it the wrong way.. ok co00lieo0

  • madewell leopard slip ons (like the ones miranda has!!! ASGFHAASF)
  • new leather backpack
  • selena gomez fur vest!!!
  • yoga mat / workout clothes
  • eleanors topshop snakeskin print blue dress
  • our moment
  • new slippers
  • topshop mittens, a beanie, earmuffs, 2 scarves and 2 pairs of leigh jeans
  • a topshop skirt
  • a zara jumper and hoodie
  • lush stuff
  • topshop jammies
  • joie jumper
  • h&m giftcard

Off-Duty Chic

How to nail the casual-cool look

Known for their penchant for skinny jeans, leather jackets, ankle boots and beanies, high-fashion mannequins always seem to hit that perfect medium between undone ease and high-glam polish. Get their street style look with these model-approved everyday pieces, and see our complete guide here.

Maison Kitsune Embroidered Fox Sweatshirt

And Finally Led Zeppelin 1977 Tee

Zara Faux Leather Flared Skirt

Nasty Gal Ex-Boyfriend Jeans

Tibi Leona Mules

Vans Sk8-Hi Slim

Clare V. Flat Clutch Supreme

Topshop Stripe Beanie

In God We Trust Spacer Ring

Which off-duty fashion piece is your favorite from the list? Let us know!