Every Friday I feature four great images taken by Toronto IGers. Simply tag your BEST photos #TopShelfToronto

Congrats to the following T.O. IGers:

@ebonyredsevn || @throughthismind
BOTTOM ROW: @dharani_n || @tonoariki

Also starting this week my friend from Los Angeles @andres55 will now be showcasing #TopShelfLA. So swing by and check out the best from LA IGer’s every week!!

Get inspired and shoot outside the box!

#TopShelfToronto and if you’re an LA IGer #TopShelfLA

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LA dreamin’!!

Here’s a collab with the talented homie @andres55. He reps Los Angeles with silent beauty and consistency. He’s also running #TopShelfLA which features great shots taken by LA IGers. Swing by his page for some more LA goodness. Thanks for letting me edit this sick image, brother! @andres55

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#TopShelfToronto | Week 16

16 weeks ago I thought it would be fun to feature great images taken by Toronto IGer’s. Also spark new photo ideas and connect IGer’s in the city and around the world. Thanks to everyone who participated by simply tagging their BEST images #TopShelfToronto.
So here are my final four picks taken by T.O. IGers:

@helmetbeats || @dleeezy
@g_wah || @coomeshot

Special thanks to all TopShelf projects that popped up along the way:
#TopShelfLA - @andres55 #TopShelfDC - @jlujan #TopShelfVancouver - @sengstagram #TopShelfSouthAfrica - @unclescrooch
#TopShelfNashville - @timothygirard
#TopShelfParis - @anton_lep

Stay inspired and shoot outside the box.

- Taha

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