Wylde Swan is a fast sailing vessel originally built in Germany in 1920 as a steam ship. She was designed to work with the German herring fleet, collecting the herring at sea and transporting the fish to market at speed to get the best price. To maximise speed she was built long and narrow, and in keeping with her day had a vertical stem and counter stern.

These features were what attracted Willem Sligting when he saw her, realising she could make a fast sailing vessel.

She was relaunched in June 2010 as a two masted topsail schooner, with worldwide certification as a sail training vessel.

Oh, hey Tumblr.  To celebrate me living on land for a bit, here’s one of my photographs of Pride of Baltimore II, port stuns’l, topgallant, foretops’l, heads’ls and all.  Pride II just received $1.3 million in state funding, allowing her to keep sailing and being a badass schooner and representative of Baltimore, Maryland and the US.  


Aboard Schooner Sultana 1769 on the Chesapeake Bay. Sultana educates middle schoolers on voyages around the bay (they just think it’s a cool “pirate adventure”) as well as taking the rest of us on an interactive adventure on public sails.