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The people who worked for Trump’s labor secretary pick are in the streets opposing him

  • In 24 cities on Monday, fast food workers took to the streets, hung banners from the tops of buildings and even shut down a corporate office in St. Louis. 
  • They had one simple goal: to stop Trump from making fast food CEO Andrew Puzder the top government official for protecting workers’ rights.
  • Puzder serves as the CEO of CKE Restaurants, the umbrella company that owns Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. burger chains.
  • Less than a month ago, cooks and cashiers filed 33 legal complaints against CKE. One complaint says that the company surveilled employees and sent out intimidating memos warning them not to speak to the press. 
  • One woman fought off advances from a manager who, after he was rejected, allegedly told her, “If you don’t start giving me what I want, I’m going to have to start taking it from you.” Read more (2/13/17 8:12 PM)
Writing Series #6: Worldbuilding

When I went to speak with a group of high school writers (the event that prompted this “series”,  almost all of them asked me about “worldbuilding.” Wikipedia defines worldbuilding as “the process of constructing an imaginary world, sometimes associated with a whole fictional universe;” I define it as that thing I always forget to do. 

Worldbuilding is particularly important if you write fantasy because in a completely made up universe, everything is up to you: there are no pre-established rules. You event the landscape, the towns, the people, the hierarchies, the leadership. You are god. 

But for all of the realistic fiction writers out there, world building is a little different. It’s certainly less overwhelming, definitely takes less memorization, but it does have more rules. The question I always find myself asking is: do I base this story in a real town, or do I make it up?

What I’ve found to be the best solution is a mix of both: I choose a town I am familiar with, and I base my “fake town” off of it. This means I can add in a grocery store that doesn’t exist, a local pool that was never built, and, of course, if I want to talk about how terrible a place is, I don’t have to defame a real location. 

The advice “write what you know” is probably the most prominent in settings, which is why it’s so common to find all of an author’s books set in the same location (or coincidentally in all the different locations that author has lived in throughout their life). The way I see it, there are so many other things I need to keep track of (like character arcs, plots, actually writing) that I don’t have the patience to also research and learn new places, but for some writers, this is the best part, the chance to escape the place they know and go anywhere in the world via their writing. 

If you fall into this second category, here are a few rules of thumb:

  • Just because a place is “foreign” to you, does not mean it is to everyone, so please don’t treat your setting (especially if it’s in a different country) as “exotic” (as this can often come across as a fetishization of a race, people, culture, or land). It’s also, frankly, just less realistic. If your character lives in that place you desperately want to live in, they’re not going to see it every day with the wide eyes and fascination that you, the author, have. They’re going to complain that the drug store on the corner isn’t open and bitch about the weather. (This is different, of course, if your character is a newbie in this land and visiting, if they are seeing it for the first time; then the wonder and first impressions are valid to express.)
  • It might help to get a map. Finding a city website will also help (there you’ll find information about parks and rec, town history, libraries, public buildings, etc.). But being able to actually visualize the place will you allow to drop your character into that setting with a better idea of what will really be surrounding them. If you can visit the place even better! But what’s important is to get a street view one way or another, an idea of what it looks like to the left, right, forward, and back of where your character will be standing. Will they see hills on the horizon, just above the buildings’ tops? Is there a skyline? Is the air cool or muggy? What amenities does the town have? What is the wild life like? (Don’t write a squirrel into the scene, for example if there aren’t any in that climate.) 
  • Don’t let the setting hold you back. If there is no city on Earth that has everything in it that you need for your story to take place, it’s okay to make a place up. Just make sure that place has its own set of rules that make sense and add up logically (don’t say it’s a town of 300 people and then give it a strip mall, for example–that sort of thing would never be built for that population).
  • Keep track of your location! Whether your setting is real or made up (in which case you should keep a folder of your notes and maybe a hand drawn map), you should have something (a map, a list of places, a picture, etc.) to refer back to while writing. In order to keep the surroundings consistent, I find myself constantly scrolling up to an earlier moment in the story; I can never remember if I made the local park have a purple slide or blue. It sounds silly, but it’s all in the details, and the more accessible you can make this information, the easier a time you’ll have later (and the less time you’ll spend editing).

To all the writers out there: how do you figure out your setting and what are you tips for keeping things consistent and realistic throughout a larger work?

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“From what I’m told, it seems as though my parents wrapped me in a blanket and dropped me off in front of an infant home as soon as I was born. A worker there found me and I was raised in a welfare facility ever since. When I was seven, a bigger and older kid — I still recall his name — lifted me up and just smashed me against the bare ground. Not only that, but too many horrible things happened in that facility, such as child abuse, forced labor, confinement, assault, and rape. All of that was so painful, so much so that one early winter morning, with the snow piled high, I hid inside a water tank on the roof of the welfare facility for almost six hours, attempting to escape. You would think that when older boys beat up other kids, the teachers would stop them. But some of the teachers actually encouraged those boys to beat up the kids even more. Because of the miserable experiences at the welfare facility, I blamed my parents a lot; I denied my existence, questioning and thinking, ‘If they weren’t going to raise me, why was I even born…’ I took a bunch of antidepressants, some of which I’m still taking to this day. I sometimes thought of the extreme. You see, there are a lot of skyscrapers near Gangnam Station. So I had thoughts like… ‘What if I fall off the top of one of those buildings and brutally die? Would I fall on top of the cars, or the people?’ Nowadays, I’ve been trying to take better care of myself and look at the world with a brighter light. Negative thoughts breed more negative feelings, and those feelings, then, come out, and form negative actions and words. I used to blame my parents a lot, but I’d like to forgive them. I have no clue what led them to make such a decision but I don’t blame them anymore. Instead, I’m thankful that they brought me into the world, allowing me to see the good things about the world. I should live; it’s fun.“

“제가 태어나자마자 포대기로 싸서 영아원 정문 앞에 부모님이 두고 가셨나봐요. 거기 직원이 발견해서 그때부터 복지시설에서 생활했어요. 제가 7살 때 어떤 큰 형이, 지금도 이름이 생각나는데, 저를 들어서 맨바닥에 그냥 던졌어요. 그것 뿐만 아니라 아동학대, 강제노역, 감금, 폭행, 성추행 등 시설 안에서 안 좋은 일들이 너무 많이 일어났는데, 한 번은 너무 괴로워서 도망가려고 눈이 엄청 쌓여있는 추운 겨울 새벽에 복지시설 옥상 물탱크에서 대여섯 시간을 숨어있었던 적도 있어요. 선배 형이 누굴 때리면 선생님들이 말려야 되잖아요. 근데 어떤 선생님들은 옆에서 더 때리라고 시킬 정도였으니까요. 복지시설에서 불행했기 때문인지 어렸을 때는 사실 부모님 원망을 많이 했죠. ‘키우지 않을 거면 나를 왜 낳았을까…’하는 생각에 제 존재 자체를 부정하기도 했거든요. 우울증약도 많이 먹었고, 지금도 먹고 있는 약이 있을 정도니까요. 가끔은 극단적인 생각도 해봤어요. 강남역에 가면 고층빌딩이 많잖아요. 그런데서 잔인하게 떨어져 죽으면 어떨까, 차에 떨어질까, 아니면 사람들 위에 떨어질까 같은… 그래도 지금은, 다시 한 번 내 자신을 잘 다스리고 좀 더 긍정적으로 세상을 바라보려고 노력 하고 있어요. 너무 부정적으로 생각하면 부정이 부정을 낳고 그것이 행동으로, 말로 나오잖아요. 부모님도 예전에는 원망을 많이 했지만, 용서해드리고 싶어요. 비록 어떤 사연으로 저를 그렇게 하셨는지 모르지만 지금은 원망하지 않아요. 오히려 저를 낳아주셔서, 세상에 좋은 것들 볼 수 있게 해주어서 감사해요. 살아야죠. 사는 게 재밌으니까요.”

Let It Be Known: Part 1

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Mob Boss Hux x Bakery Shop Owner!Reader

Summary: Next to the restaurant that well-known Mob Boss, Armitage Hux, frequents and owns, is your bakery shop. After a rather unfortunate occurence, Hux begins to frequent to your bakery more often.

A/N: FINALLY adding my contribution to the Mob Party. And yes. ANOTHER series. LEAVE ME ALONE. I NEEDED TO GET THIS OUT OF MY HEAD, OKAY?!

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Hux inhaled the cigarette smoke then exhaled. The smoke clouding his vision then floating up into the air, “So, Thanisson, you’re telling me that this little Resistance gang held you and the rest of my men at gunpoint as they took my money to then climb to the top of the buildings and throw it into the air for measly civilians to get a hold of it?”

The young man gulped, “Yes, sir. There were too many of them. We were surrounded. We couldn’t fight them off.”

“Couldn’t? Or wouldn’t?” Thanisson gulped again, but gave no answer. Hux sighed and set his cigarette onto the ash tray on the table, “Thanisson, you’re a young boy. I see myself in you. You’re very determined to rise up in the ranks.” Hux stood up and buttoned his suit jacket and leaned over the table, “But you have no spine.” Mitaka came up behind Hux and slipped on his black greatcoat. He then handed him black leather gloves, which Hux slipped on. “However, because I see myself in you, I’ll give you another chance.” Thanisson exhaled a breath of relief, “But fail me again, I will not hesitate to have you killed. Understand?”

Thanisson nodded, “Y-Yes, sir.”

“Good.” Hux nodded and then left the restaurant leaving the young boy shaking in his knock-off Louis Vuitton shoes. 

Hux’s right hand and body guard, Kylo Ren, followed Hux out the door and towards the waiting car, “I think you’re going soft. You usually would kill right off the bat.”

Hux rolled his eyes as he buttoned his coat, “Don’t give me that, Ren. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the number of men I have is diminishing. I have to be careful or else this Resistance will overrule me.” Before Hux stepped into the black SUV, he caught a whiff of something sweet. It reminded him of the muffins his childhood nanny used to make him. His eyes glanced to the bakery next door. He felt a pull. Hux glanced at Kylo and said, “Wait, here. I’ll be back.” 

“A bakery? Really, Hux?”

“It’ll only be a moment.” Hux sneered. He made his way to the warm yellow building. A sign in cursive read: Made with Love Bakery. Hux opened the door and stepped in. He was greeted to warmth and the smell of sugar.

“I’ll be out in a second!” He heard a young woman’s voice come from, what he assumed, the kitchen. Seconds later, you came out wearing a sky blue apron holding a tray of fresh blueberry muffins wearing matching sky blue oven mittens. You set the tray on the counter and gave an exhausted sigh, “Sorry for the wait! I’m Y/N! How may I help you?”

Hux couldn’t help but softly smile. Your smile was contatious, “I couldn’t help, but catch a whiff of something that I believe are blueberry muffins.”

“Well, you have a mighty nose there, Mister Hux. Just took them out of the oven.”

Hux’s smile faltered, “You know who I am?”

You chuckled, “How could I not? You’re Armitage Hux, Mob Boss as well as owner of the First Order restaurant next door.”

“And you’re not scared of me?”

You shook your head, “You haven’t done anything to me that could make me scare of you…yet.” The last part you said with a chuckle, “But anyway, did you want some muffins? While they’re still fresh?” 

Hux nodded, “If you’d be so kind.”

You nodded. You picked up two muffins and set them in a small warm yellow box that matched the outside of your building. You also poured some fresh hot chocolate into a to go cup. You slid them over the desk, “Here you go, sir.”

“How much do I owe you?”

You shook your head, “Free of charge, sir.”

“No, I can’t. Surely I could-”

“I always give newcomers their order free. I also provided the hot chocolate since it looks pretty cold out. Figured you’d want to keep warm.”

“Thank you, Y/N. I appreciate it.” Hux opened the box and took a small piece from a muffin and popped it into his mouth. He hummed at the warmth and the familiar taste, “I feel like a child again.”

You laughed, “Oh really? And why is that?”

“My childhood nanny, that I was incredibly fond of,  would always make blueberry muffins. They were heavenly. Yours taste just like them.”

“Well thank you for your high praises, sir.”

“Please, no need for formalities. Just call me Hux.”

You nodded, “Thank you, Hux.”

Hux closed the box, “I’ll leave you to continue your work. Enjoy the rest of your day, Y/N.”

“You as well, Hux!”

Hux walked back to the waiting SUV with hot chocolate and muffins in hand. When he slipped into the car, Kylo gave him a questionable look. Hux glared at him, “Don’t question me, Ren.”

“She was attractive, the shop girl. Will you see her again?”

Hux wanted to say yes, but he didn’t want to give Kylo the satisfaction of knowing he’s gone soft. Therefore, he simply muttered, “We’ll see.”

Unlucky Circumstance

It’s certainly a case of Murphy’s Law. It’s certainly and expectedly his bad luck that had caused this.

Or rather he’d blame this entirely on that if Ladybug was anywhere in sight. Beyond all the chaos of screaming teenagers and a city reduced to canoodling, love struck citizens, there’s no sight of red and black.

There’d hardly been enough time to transform before the akuma, aptly named Lovestruck, had broken through the school’s decidedly poor security system. Chat Noir was left with little recourse but to fend him off and corral as many of his unaffected classmates as he could into a safe space.

He leaves Kim behind. It’s too late for the boy. He’s already sobbing into his hands and crying about his one sided love for Alix.

(She’s torn between amusement and something bordering on embarrassment as she runs out the door.)

“Hey, Lovestruck! Your type of love isn’t real! We don’t want it!” Someone shouts behind the screaming/swooning mass of students.

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Imagine being in a relationship with Peter Parker.

Fandom: Marvel (Spiderman)


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  • Quick kisses in the corridors in between classes.
  • Lunch breaks spent on the rooftop.
  • He often accompanied you to your class, even though he had to rush to his own after that, getting late especially when he had math on the other side of the school.
  • But even then he didn’t usually get as late as one could suppose. You were almost sure he sometimes used his webs to move faster.
  • His friends were your friends. You would become a member of the pack (pretty small, but still) instantly, without realisation.
  • You would have spent hours in his house, officially helping him with homework, even though you were pretty sure he had absolutely no problem with doing it himself, but Peter still asked you for help anyway. It would often turn into cartoon marathons.
  • His aunt probably knew all along, judging by the looks she was giving the two of you every time you came out of his room. She often left you completely alone in the house, going shopping or to one of her friends. First few times you didn’t even notice, but then it got a little suspicious.
  • Peter would often take you on top of the high buildings to watch the sunset. It was beautifully stunning since the buildings didn’t cover the sky.
  • No matter how late it was, if you called him when you felt upset or just lonely, he would get to your window in minutes, ready to help you in any way he could. You were sure one day he would literally break something while hanging outside your window – it’s not like you were living on the first floor.
  • Peter was always a ray of sunshine, making you feel better just by being around you.
  • You would often watch movies, cuddled up together on your small couch or on his bed. You actually preferred his bed, not only because it was more comfortable for two people, but because you didn’t have to clean the scraps of food afterwards. You often got too absorbed with each other or a movie (especially a scary one) that you didn’t even see it falling.
  • Sweet, dorky kisses when you were half asleep.

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sunrise. (jb x reader)

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Genre: Fluff

Words: 1k

- - -

You couldn’t remember exactly when you started getting up so early, just that it had been a habit since you were very little. 

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