tops for plus size women


Wear. That. Crop. Top. Sis. ❤️

That’s all I’m sayin…. in some of these pics I have on a mesh bodysuit underneath (courtesy of #Forever21) because at work, we aren’t allowed to show midriff. BUT if you’re branching out into crop top land then this is a good way to ease in if you’re not comfortable with the occasional exposure of skin. Baby steps and shit. But ain’t no rules for real. Get the crop top you’ve been eye-balling. But do it the way YOU need to.


So if you know me at all, you know how personal I consider blogging. I think of this as my outlet and a way to be more accepting of myself. I mentioned in a pervious post that in the past, I have struggled with wearing two pieces. But enough is enough. I am 27, and this is my body, bumps, lumps, curves and all.  This summer I decided to break out of my zone and in doing so, I have realized there are some great bikinis resources out there for plus size women.

The bikini top I am wearing here is Raisins Curve, via Dillard’s, and I love it. The caged, high neck is definitely racier than what I would normally wear, but it’s is still comfy and supportive. If I could change one thing about the Raisins line, it would be to make the bottoms a true high waist. I am a size 22, I have a stomach. I want something with a little more coverage than the bottoms offered, so I went with a pant from Lane Bryant.


OOTD: DIY fringe T-shirt

Last weekend I was out with friend for her pre-wedding shooting. (Congratulations to her). It was too hot so i don’t wear any make up…not even the lipstick haha..look so pale… I was wearing my DIY fringe t-shirt (both the design and fringes). I also got this shorts really cheap: 3 USD from the full price of 6 USD yeah, ‘Three’ outlet shop because there is a cut mark at waistband. It is just too small and noone will notice that. So I don’t mind to buy them :)

T-shirt : Myself

Shorts: New Look

Shoes: Converse