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Frank Robinson hit 586 home runs in his career, won the 1966 Triple Crown and led the Orioles to World Championships in 1966 and 1970. Willie Mays hit 660 home runs, won a title with the Giants in 1954 and finished his career with 3,283 hits. Both men were two-time MVPs and first-ballot baseball Hall of Famers.

In a world still without a Ryan Flaherty card, I may be a little grumpy about overexposure of certain players (especially comparing Chris’ 2014 with two separate Hall of Famers), but these cards certainly put Chris in elite company. Not bad, Davis, not bad at all.

(Trivia! Mays peaked at 52 home runs in 1965, Robinson at 49 in 1966. Both led the majors in home runs, just as Chris did with his 53 in 2013).

(Pictured: 2014 Topps Heritage Then & Now)