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Oh hell yeah son, 

  • choking (properly)
  • biting and marking (with care)
  • bondage (consent and after care)
  • dirty talk and praise kink, coming untouched
  • phone sex
  • petnames galore (idc if it’s not a kink fight me) 
  • Edging?
  • Multiple Orgasms??
  • Orgasm Denial???
  • guided masturbation
  • sensation play (pls be careful with this)
  • spanking (again take care. i’m srs ppls)
  • face fucking
  • body worship
  • role play
  • blood kink/knife play (if you’re not careful, I’m coming to your house and forcing you to learn proper sex etiquette) 

I can already tell you Meagan is going to annoy me. It’s really a combination of the way she talks and the whole “I hate women they’re all evil lying beotches”

“Where were Pink Diamond’s attendants? Her Agates? her Sapphires? And where was her pearl?

I do wonder where Pink Pearl is…



Another Ordinary Day
  • Lance: *runs into Allura's arms* SPACE MOM
  • Allura: *pats Lance's head* what's going on my child
  • Allura: oh shit okay Coran grab the Nunvil, the wine, and the space goo we need to talk about this
  • *meanwhile, in Shiro's room*
  • Keith: Space Dad
  • Shiro: *pokes head out from under blankets* what
  • Keith: I just made out with Lance
  • Shiro: *thumbs up* cool
  • Keith: Think he hates me
  • Shiro: Probably not
  • Keith: I'm gonna go do it again
  • Shiro: that's cool
  • Keith: cool

Can we just admit that mass effect 1 is a bad game and the only reason its even still played is for a feeling of a complete run? Or by first time players?