topper toys


stim toys by color ,,, can u tell i have a favorite

  • brown: a smooth wooden spoon, a heavy hunk of metal wrapped in soft fabric, a nicely scented candle glob
  • pink/purple: a smooth piece of rock, a plastic gem w multiple smooth facets, a firm but squishy glittery dinosaur, a cool-lookin triangle die which looks blue but is actually more purple
  • red/orange/yellow: two bouncy balls, one smooth and one sorta fuzzy, a little lucky cat with a soft piece of fabric on the bottom, a tiny squishy stretchy frog
  • green: a squishy stretchy lizard, another hunk of metal wrapped in fabric, a button taken from a talking keychain, a dinosaur eraser, a turtle with a wheel on the bottom
  • blue: worm on a string, glasses cleaning cloth, tiny glitter jar, squishy stretchy frog, metal bracelet, chewy necklace, slime, heavy ball that makes bell noises
  • grey: a knob taken off a cabinet/drawer, spiky dog thing i got when i was emo, tiny heavy metal banana, tiny heavy metal coin thing, squishy stretchy elephant pencil topper

Toy Story of Terror (2013) | “Pencil Topper” Deleted Scene