“UPDATE FOR SERIOUS ADOPTERS:  I’m told there’s between 60 and 80 adoptable horses currently in the catchpen as pictured. Adopters may purchase after 2:00pm until dark on Sunday March 8th, and most of the day on Monday.  FOR CONTACT INFORMATION AND DIRECTIONS, PLEASE SEND EMAIL TITLED "NEED DIRECTIONS” TO .  ABOUT HORSES AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION IN CATCH PEN:  As I post this, I am taking long deep breath…  Please help these horses; rude comments will defeat our ability to save any of them.  Please, understand and work constructively.  The catcher has set the prices at: Pregnant mare $125, Mare with foal $200, 2 years and up $100, foals and yearlings $75.  If seriously interested, please read the suggested fencing requirements from the BLM in separate post.  Horses will need to be hauled in closed trailer, preferably stock (no dividers), and picked up at Toppenish, Washington distribution pen either late Sunday or on Monday.  I will put people in touch with the catcher.  You must be polite and keep opinions to yourself or jeopardize being able to save any at all.  It would be helpful if people who are truly committed could give me idea of what they are interested in so he can sort some out.

UGH, if I had a way to get one or two here I’d get two youngsters in a heartbeat.