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Okay, I wanted to start out this post by mentioning that you don’t have to wear the jacket that comes with every outfit set! I just automatically add a jacket because I am cold natured! While we are on the topic of jackets, I would like to point out some helpful hints:

- if you are feeling fancyyyy, you can drape it over your shoulders! (aka do not put your arms through the sleeves)

- emphasize your waist line by tying it around your waist (it also helps to hide a stain if you sit in something)

- or here is a revolutionary idea: wear it as you would normally wear a jacket!

Moving along, please send in requests! I would love to hear from you all!

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Topp Dogg fashion style if they were a girl.

Jenissi: SImple everyday wear.

P-Goon: Always staying active.

Gohn: Simple afternoon wear.

Hojoon: VIntage Cutie.

Kidoh: Hanging with Jenissi.

Sangdo: Work interview?

Nakta: Simple casual look.

Hansol: Trying to look good around B-Joo

B-Joo: casual wear.

Xero: Gamer.

A-tom: looking hot in khaki.

Yano: swag?


Visual of the Moment: February 2014: Male:

Topp Dogg’s B-Joo / Kim ByungJoo 

B-Joo is one of those k-pop idols who becomes iconic the second they debut. He caught many eyes in Topp Dogg’s fiesty first music video ‘Say It / Follow Me’ with his purple hair, strong vocals and of course, stage presence. The second I saw him, the model scout inside of me was entranced. With doe-like, glazed eyes and always wearing a slightly tired, dazed expression, B-Joo is like something out of a pre-Raphaelite painting. I have never seen a man or a woman picturesque in the way that he is. Byungjoo is beautiful in a posed sense, in the sense that princesses in ancient times were beautiful - consciously, by intent not chance. B-Joo is an incredibly modern idol, with an incredibly modern unit and is sure to go on to be a very iconic, very respected male star. Topp Dogg hwaiting. 

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