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I’m so tired of seeing these post floating around tbh. “why did y'all let topp dogg flop” is why.

first off, Topp Dogg has never flopped. Just because they haven’t reached their deserved success doesn’t mean they have flopped. A flop is when something or someone is a complete fail. Someone or something who never makes any achievements and stays at the bottom. Since when has that been Topp Dogg???

Idk about you, but I see my boys making vast improvements. Their popularity has gained, their rap and vocals have gotten better, their dancing is still amazing, and they’re better than they were back with Stardom. There are still some hiccups but never ever have they been a flop. Topp Klass would never allow that to happen.

Yes they’re underrated, we know that. But that’s not stopping us TK from rooting for them 24/7 and putting in our best effort to make sure they don’t actually become failures like people think they are. Do you know how often we worry about them disbanding??? We put in so much effort and time to make sure that will never happen. So don’t you ever refer to Topp Dogg as a flop or even imply that they are. Its insulting to them and us real toppklass.

Hunus is really testing my fucking patience, like why the hell haven’t Topp Dogg been on any music shows since The Show? Like?????? These boys are still struggling to get recognized after 3 fucking years of debuting, and now they have to get a fund page on Makestar?????

I want to cry because they keep making jokes like “We’re debuting again” and all that, but it’s not funny. I feel like this could be their last comeback, that this could really be what keeps this group going another year, hell another month! Hunus isn’t helping by not promoting them, and I’m honestly so sick of seeing these boys mistreated while they’ve been nothing but hardworking and so kind these three years. They want this! They want to keep going so fucking bad, they want to keep making music together and go for a long time or they wouldn’t have stuck together this long with the odds stacked against them.

I don’t want to wake up in a few months with an article saying that they’ve disbanded. I don’t want to see these three years be for nothing when Topp Dogg deserve so much more. So please ToppKlass, let’s keep watching and streaming and voting. And my followers, anyone, listen to these boys and give them a fucking chance. 3 goddamn minutes won’t kill you. You might find  another group to love because I promise you these boys are one of the sweetest, most genuine groups out there. They are so funny and talented, and they care for each other. They still talk to and hang out with the past members, not something you’d usually see from a group.

So give these boys a chance, don’t let them leave this comeback feeling like they failed.


P-goon: plays ‘I Spy’ but he’s only ‘spying’ the other members

Nakta: falls asleep immediately and doesn’t wake up until they reach their destination

Hojoon: bought out the previous gas station and is loudly offering everybody gummy worms

A-tom: sings loudly and horribly the whole trip

Hansol: constantly hits A-tom and tries to smother him with his neck pillow (“SHUT UP WE TURNED OFF THE RADIO AN HOUR AGO”)


Xero: “B-joo pull over i need to peeeeeeee”

Yano: taking selfies with Nakta (who’s still asleep somehow wtf)

Sangdo: is looking out the window with his headphones in, trying desperately to ignore everyone