topman tie


Mustard textures.

Shirt: Penguin USA - $23 on clearance

Tie: Topman - $6 on clearance

Pants: Asos - $25 on clearance

Shoes: Bed Stu - $40 on clearance at Nordstrom Rack


One of the most stressful parts of wedding planning for me was trying to decide on (and find) my outfit.  As someone who never wears ‘smart’ clothing, I was worried about how I would find something casual enough to feel comfortable and to feel like myself, but smart enough to reflect the ‘specialness’ of the day.  After months spent looking at groomswear sites and wandering around the formal wear sections in menswear stores trying to find something suitable that would also fit my body shape, I realised I was trying to adhere to some idea of what I “should” wear - something I always promised myself I’d never do if I ever got married.  So I ditched all the ‘shoulds’ and chose my outfit based on what felt right and most like me, and I’m so glad I did - I felt comfortable and confident in myself and had the best day ever! 

Photography by Ruth Blamire-Brown 

Shirt: Urban Outfitters                                                                               Waistcoat: Topman                                                                                          Bow Tie: AmandaJoHandmade (etsy)                                                          Shorts: H&M                                                                                                Shoes: Next

Gentlemen, Top 10 What to Wear for New Year’s Eve

Let’s make sure you end 2013 looking hella GQ. We’ve picked out the Top 10 must-have items for your outfit on New Year’s Eve below. Tweet us and tag us on Instagram @Wantering in your party pics so we can take a look!

1) Saks Fifth Avenue Paisley Bow Tie

2) J. Crew Ludlow Tux Jacket

3) Alexander McQueen Stripes & Skulls Tie

4) Howlin By Morrison Four Eyes Cardigan

5) Topman Two-Button Slimfit Tweed Blazer

6) Apolis Polka Dot Pocket Square 

7) Brera Eterno Chrono Watch with Leather Strap

8) Maison Martin Margiela 11 Brass Ring

9) Life/After/Denim 5 Pocket Cords 

10) Topman Textured Dress Shirt

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Because I'm A Wild Animal: Affordable Wes Anderson Inspired Looks II

Damn, coming up with Wes Anderson looks is harder than I thought. When it comes to the costuming in Wes Anderson movies it’s always very specific and in many cases custom made. What you’ll also notice is that if an outfit is a bit more traditional, let’s say a blazer and trousers for instance, it has very specific details that can make it harder to replicate or even catch the vibe for. Because the outfit (like most of Anderson’s work) is defined by the details. So this is my attempt going forward. This is what I can throw together based on what’s currently in my closet.

Mr. Bunce from The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Sport Coat: Topman ($110)
Shirt: H&M ($25)
Knit Tie: J Crew Factory ($15)
Chinos: Levi’s 511 Trousers ($45)
Boots: Jeffrey Tyler ($75)
Watch: Momentum Square One ($200)
Belt: J Crew Factory ($15)

Total : $485($285 without the watch.)

Whole lot of earth tones in the Fantastic Mister Fox. I actually don’t really wear that much brown so this was a pretty difficult movie to put together. I’m going to watch it again soon so I may come up with another look from that later.

(Not Really) A Fantastic Mr Fox Look

Jacket: J Crew Factory ($50)
Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren ($40)
Shirt: H&M ($15)
Herringbone Tie: H&M ($25)
Jeans: J Crew Factory Driggs ($45)
Boots: Steve Madden ($150)
Watch: Orient Ray ($150)
Sunglasses: $10

Total: $485 ($335 without the watch)

So this is not really based on a specific outfit from the film. It’s more based on the overall feel. But I think it has the color palette and textures to fit into the movie. I can see one of the characters possibly wearing something like this.

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Lucas got christened

Sunday was the big day, months of planning a winter themed christening, fell into place and was a success.

Four families and handful of friends came together to witness Lucas get christened and then tucked into some yummy food.

The christening!

God Parents
We chose 3 god parents. 
Kai & Mark as godfathers and Soph as godmother. 
We thought so hard and made the decision to chose these 3, we wanted someone with a close bond and relationship with Lucas, people who were really good with him and who we knew would be great for guidance as he grew up. 

Our outfit’s
Lucas wore a grey pinstriped suit from america, Flat cap from DEBENHAMS, and little Burgundy converse from OFFICE.
Brad wore a navy suit and pale blue shirt all from TOPMAN, tie from TOPMAN and Faux Navy Vans from BOOHOO.
Nicole wore a navy blue velvet dress from BOOHOO, blue bow from LOLAS WARDROBE and taupe wedges from TOPSHOP.

The venue

We chose the peartree pub as it was next to my mums house and opposite the church, so was a perfect place. It needed a little TLC but 2 hours of decorating and it was lovely.

We chose wintery desserts and warm, filling food for main.


We had slow cookers filled with soups, stews and chilli and french sticks, tortillas and dips. It was a hit and OH SO YUMMY! We had winter thmed desserts, lots of marshmellows, cake pops, cakes and biscuits but best of all was Lucas’ cake.

Made by JADES ICED JEMS on facebook, I was so happy with how it turned out, yummy too!! 

Lucas also had a wishing tree, People wrote little messages and wishes for Lucas and hung them on the tree, the tags will go into his baby book to keep forever.

We also provided a kids table as well to keep them all occupied.

The night before also consisted of making 20 pom poms but was so worth it. 

All in all it was a lovely day! We thank everyone who came and were sorry we couldn’t have invited more people.

Lucas looked so cute and babbled through the whole service.

It all proved a little overwheming for him and he fell asleep in mummy’s arms.