topman blazer


Dappled gray.

Blazer: Topman - $40 on clearance
Shirt: J.Crew Factory - $15 on clearance
Pants: H&M - $20 on clearance
Shoes: Barney’s New York - passed down from a dear friend

GQ readers’ Best Dressed 2014 - 8. Louis Tomlinson

South Yorkshire’s most sophisticated pop sensation sticks with what works. He wears a lot of Topman, short, black blazers, expertly cropped trousers and a judicious pocket square. In the best possible way, he dresses like a mid twenties hipster.


The architect.

Blazer: Topman - $70 on clearance at Nordstrom Rack
Shirt: Ben Sherman - $23 on clearance
Pants: H&M - $20 on clearance
Shoes: Bed Stu - $42 on clearance


Amazing photo shoot a week ago. I lugged two duffle bags worth of outfits around Brooklyn, changing in the middle of the street, reapplying lip chap, and suffering a broken choker. The price you pay for a proper Instagram modeling career. Yes, the “likes” were worth it. Very fun day, especially pulling together looks–some pieces sitting in my closet for months before finally seeing the light of day.

Top left: Topman Harris Tweed blazers, Tokyo thrift store sweatshirts

Top right: amazing vintage leather coat from an equally amazing friend, Topman mesh tank, Topman trousers, army supply store leather gloves, topshop choker (that tragically broke mere seconds after this photo was taken).

Middle: fucking stunning coat from Vintagewares in Brooklyn, camo jacket from Topman, black hoodie from NVRMND, glasses are Urban for $3 girl

Bottom: Harris Tweed/Tokyo thrift store sweatshirt combo, Topshop boyfriend fit jeans, white dress shoes from Tokyo dept store.

Photos: Valerie (middle shot); Elvir Ali (rest)

The New 3-Piece Suit

Dress down your look and layer sweaters under suits

It’s time to say goodbye to the classic three-piece suit, typically completed with a vest under a blazer, and change things up a bit. For a similar look that’s more casual and modern, layer a knit pullover underneath. To help you out, we’ve completed four head-to-toe looks with affordable suits, sweaters and accessories.

1. Wear a wool sweater and white button-up under a printed suit with a cropped pant. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pattens, like houndstooth with polka dots, and make sure to forgo socks if you’re wearing cropped pants.

ASOS Skinny Fit Suit Jacket In Dogstooth

‘Shetland’ Wool Sweater

Geometric-print regular-fit cotton shirt

Paul Smith Ties - Black Polka Dot Silk Bow Tie

Monk-strap shoes

2. Pair a slim-fitting suit with a black mohair sweater, white button-up and black dress shoes, but don’t forget the pop of color in your tie. Light blue or denim accents looks great with grey, black and white. 

Peter Werth Suit Pants With Taped Waistband In Slim Fit

ASOS Longline Sweater with Mohair

White Button Down Long Sleeve Smart Shirt

Denim Slim Tie

Steve Madden Jonah Lazer Etched Dress Shoes

3. Go navy in a wool-blend suit with a festive snowflake sweater layered over a classic button-up, and accessorize with a good pair of socks and matching navy chukkas. 

Wool-blend Suit Pants

Lambswool reverse snowflake sweater

X Fit Ultra Slim Fit Solid French Cuff Dress Shirt

Great Jones XL Chukka

Paul Smith Socks - Black Varied Stripe Wool-Blend Socks

4. Make a statement with your sweater choice and dress in a classic black suit and printed sweater.

Black Ultra Skinny Suit Jacket

Black Ultra Skinny Suit Trousers

Zigzag Stripe Crewneck Sweater

Black Button Down Long Sleeve Smart Shirt

Church Black Leather Chukka Boots


Olive juice.

Blazer: Topman - $70 on clearance at Nordstrom Rack
Shirt: Ben Sherman - $12 on clearance on Amazon
Tie: Unknown - $2 thrifted
Pants: H&M - $20 on clearance
Shoes: Ferro Aldo - $35 new on eBay


Business trips.

Blazer: Topman - $40 on clearance
Shirt: Express Men’s- $18 on clearance
Pants: H&M - $20 on clearance
Tie: PenSee - $8 on Amazon
Pocket square: Asos - $8 on clearance
Shoes: Cole Haan - $42 on clearance on Amazon


English professor.

Shirt: Topman - $24 on clearance at Nordstrom Rack

Tie: Bundle Monster - $5 on Amazon

Blazer: Topman - $70 on clearance at Nordstrom Rack

Pants: H&M - $20 on clearance

Shoes: Hawthorne Classics - $9 used on


My Funny Valentine

Why Real Men Should Wear Pink (And Purple & Red, Too) 

Blame it on Mean Girls but on Wednesdays “we wear pink.” Although most of my wardrobe consists of darker colors, namely black and shades of blue, I do like to add a bit of color in there for a fair change. This past weekend I went out to Vegas and decided to experiment with something a little more daring and try color combos in shades of pink and red to switch things up. I mean if you’re gonna go wild, Vegas is the place to do it and so I did. Besides, why should gender norms dictate that blue is for boys and pink is for girls anyway? I wore two outfits combining these “girly” colors to prove that us guys can wear them just as good as the girls. Thought’s on today’s outfits? Share in the comments below.


H&M Blazer  //  Topman T-Shirt  //  Topman Trousers  //  Original Penguin (Similar) Trousers  //  Dr. Marten Shoes  //  Topman Knit T-shirt