topical benefits

  • what she says: i'm so excited for the expansion draft !!
  • what she means: these are grown men making millions of dollars by benefiting off of the hero praise our society gives to athletes, which inherently roots from its perpetuation of toxic hypermasculinity. the nhl as a whole is an organization that has shown disregard for the wellbeing and safety of its players, using and marketing their skill and willingness to push their bodies to the extremes to the public for profit, all while acting under the guise of pioneering diversity while not addressing issues such as abuse, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, etc. candidly. vegas is just another wave of their vapid capitalist machine that is fueled by toxic culture, and therefore i have no reason to be emotionally invested in what they do, however, i choose to derive enjoyment from this sport and its players while actively acknowledging the virulent ideologies that come with it, in doing so i will hold the organization and its players accountable and be able to compartmentalize the my derived gratification and the inherent bullshit nature of the nhl. vegas pls don't take my fave.
🌈🌈things to improve your health and overall well-being🌈🌈

-silk sheets and pillowcase: prevents hair breakage and damage, prevents wrinkles and acne, feels good
-Epsom salt: add this to your bath and it’ll help cleanse and detox your body while helping you relax😎
-candles: the aesthetic of them with the scent can really help you chill out if you’re feeling uncomfortable
-humidifier: keeps moisture in the air which helps your skin and respiratory system
-tea: really good for you internally (fights free radicals, helps skin, etc.) but also has benefits topically. put on skin as toner/part of a face mask, can be used to tint hair (black tea=brown/black, chamomile tea=yellow highlights/naturally lightens hair, etc.) as well as improve scalp health
-plants: improves air and removes toxins, thus increasing your overall health and comfort

The 8th House

sun in 8th: private, has taboo thoughts, fascinated by death, deeply emotional, intuitive, empathic, psychic, natural counsellor, has difficulty trusting others, creative, perceptive, tends to hide emotions, values truth

moon in 8th: tends to become deeply attached to others, recovers from hurt slowly, passionate love, possesses a profound understanding of the world, natural healer, over-protective, can be closed off, mysterious aura, inner strength, mentally distant

jupiter in 8th: optimistic towards taboo topics, blessed, destined to benefit from others, intuitive, psychic, believes in karma, talented researcher, can read others easily, strategic, loyal, secretive, stubborn nature

mercury in 8th: may have a cruel inner voice, sharp tongued, insightful nature, imaginative thinker, hides true thoughts and feelings, likes studying taboo topics, has immense curiosity, has strong opinions, unpredictable, can be easily deceived

venus in 8th: bases values around passion, seductive, mysterious facade, can be obsessive, intuitive, intense lovers, wants a serious relationship, secretly vulnerable, faithful

mars in 8th: has strong emotions, has difficult relationships, takes risks, drawn to unhealthy relationships, hides feelings, has a strong imagination, ‘all or nothing’, needs time alone

saturn in 8th: fears losing control, can be manipulative, feels everything deeply, skeptical, realistic, dedicated to relationships, mysterious nature, demanding, has the strength to take on unexpected situations

uranus in 8th: cunning, tends to hide feelings, innovative, persistent, drawn to mystical things, welcomes change, may have vivid dreams or psychic visions, natural healer, can be too reckless

neptune in 8th: spiritual, deep, mysterious nature, values wealth, psychic, clairvoyant, sensitive, has a strong imagination, drawn to the supernatural

pluto in 8th: passionate, desires control, needs change, longs for spiritual growth, can become obsessive, struggles to trust others, talented, psychic, natural healer, possesses a powerful energy, has a sexual nature

aries in 8th: benefits from others success/actions, blessed, faces transformation directly, can be selfish in relationships, likes danger, courageous, creates chaos, may face anxiety

taurus in 8th: procrastinates when making changes, good at investing, has difficulty sharing with others, cautious, loves deep, dislikes secrets, fears being lied to or left out

gemini in 8th: strong willed, enjoys studying and talking about taboo topics, seeks power through communication, understands the mysteries of life, has difficulty staying focused on one topic

cancer in 8th: dwells on emotions, hides from danger, likes cuddling, strives to be nurturing to others, sensitive to change, gentle, tends to withdraw from others, moody

leo in 8th: needs respect in a relationship, generous, courageous, desires power, can become self absorbed, can become obsessed with drama, survivor

virgo in 8th: prefers practicality to chaos, can be closed minded, opinionated, critical with money, tends to be dissatisfied, observant, humble about issues, acute sense of judgement, self criticises

libra in 8th: easily controlled in a relationship, easily stressed, creates chaos to find peace, kindhearted, sweet, tactful, refined, elegant, diplomatic, fair, indecisive, can be superficial, strives for equality, deeply apathetic, indifferent to death

scorpio in 8th: avoids evil, intuitive, wants to be in control in a relationship, drawn towards mysteries, noble, inwardly aggressive, prone to self destructiveness, yearns for power, natural healer

sagittarius in 8th: believes in the paranormal, open minded, naturally good with money, optimistic, can be ruthless and compulsive, has strong opinions, idealistic

capricorn in 8th: doesn’t get scared easily, strives to be the authority figure, concerned with security, persistent, has a lot of ambition, tends to be successful

aquarius in 8th: healer, unconventional, enjoys learning about taboo topics, spiritually oriented, can be cold, seeks knowledge, highly idealistic, hesitant to forming bonds with others

pisces in 8th: has difficulty trusting others, compassionate, intuitive, imaginative, deeply idealistic, psychic, confused, moody, interested in spirituality and mysticism

You Should Know Better Pt.1

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen) (Part Fourteen) (Part Fifteen) (Part Sixteen)

Summary: *Throws Professor Joe Merriweather at you* Here, enjoy this precious human being conversing with one of his students. This is also a little something for the Red Velvet prompt as well. 
Request Summary / Song:  Guys My Age - Hey Violet  - @xdaddy-neganx (Okay, since this is just part one, more lyrics of the song will be included throughout the fic.) 
POV: Natalie
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie
Word Count: 1732
Author’s Note: Okay, well even if you guys don’t like it, I enjoy writing it and Joe is such a sweet, low-key asshole to write out. Give me some ideas on how you want the next part to come out. Joe leaning against anything is my sexual orientation now. To be honest, some of the conversation pieces and stories I’m going to say in this fic are real stories from my professors and some might be sad or some might be disturbing, but this stuff is real either way - to an extent. I think for every new chapter, I’m going to have a new gif. 
Quote:  “You should know better than to lie to someone such as myself who has extensive experience in reading people.” 



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Danvers Sisters Week Day 2 “I Got You”

I didn’t have time to write something for Danvers Sisters Week so I’ve reworked an Alex backstory I did a while back (original here). I’ve always been really interested in how Alex saw Kara as yet another burden when she was young, hence this angsty mess. Contains discussion of grief, self-harm and suicidal ideation. Thanks to @queercapwriting for organising the week, apologies for the lateness.

In the corner of her kitchen, reading her science textbook while cooking a dinner that Eliza will never thank her for, she can almost forget about it all.

She can almost forget how she has to help Kara with her homework, before sorting through bills and folding the laundry, and then maybe, maybe, finally finishing her debating notes before she falls asleep at her desk.

She can almost forget that the memories of him are waiting for her, in every corner of the house, the size of corpses.

But even reading about black holes, about the lives and deaths of stars, feels too close. Close like when she’s half asleep in the morning, and she can almost hear the hallway floor creak under his feet, smell his coffee in the kitchen as he reads the paper.

Each time she wakes, the grief comes to her brass-knuckled, and the silence that rips through the house is as real and raw as a howl.

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Dude, it made me so happy that you really read the books because of me. Yes thank you. Okay now this question requires a long answer because oh my god,

For Ronan, eventhough I like fandom’s popular choice (very popular that he went to Maggie and asked what’s a Ronan) that is Dudley O’Shaughnessy and Maggie’s signed Adam Kaszewski I am a big fan of most cliche one Anton Lisin (because I love Anton Lisin, like my obsession with male models comes handy in these situations but Anton has always been my fav.) I also like Misa Patinszki from some angles. Also Jacon Hankin is so pretty with shaved head. Pictures of them all;

Dudley O’Shaunghnessy

Adam Kaswezski

Misa Patinzski

Jacob Hankin

Anton Lisin

I mean short answer was Anton Lisin but whatever.

For Gansey on the other hand Janis Ancens is my favorite. I know fandom does have more options for Gansey but those few edits I see with Janis makes me so happy. I also like Tom Barker and Cosmin Blanariu. Oh and AJ Abualrub. Here pictures;

AJ Abualrub

Cosmin Blanariu

Tom Barker

Janis Ancens

Also fun fact Janis is very good friends with Lucky Blue Smith who is the most popular fancast of Noah. (also hopefully my future best friend with benefits)

On topic of Noah, like everyone I love Lucky Blue Smith. But then again I love everything about Lucky Blue, if I could I would fancast him as every raven boy. Hell I’d fancast him as Blue.

Other than Lucky Blue I think Yulian Antuhk would make a gorgeous Noah - and who came up with the idea that every Noah fancast needs to have icy blond hair really?

Lucky Blue Smith

Also a picture of Janis and Lucky Blue because I want world to see how cute they are

Yulian Antuhk

Now for Adam I am as cliche as they come and I love my Tom Webb. To be honest I learned about Tom Webb from Adam edits and again my male model obsession took a liking to that boy. But of course he is not my only fancast, I love Billy Vandendooren as Adam. I also like Rafael Desimon (whom I’ve never seen casted as) and Marcus Hedbrandh. But who am I kidding? Tom Webb fancast is my fav thing in whole world.

Billy Vandendooren

Rafael Desimon

Marcus Hedbrandh

and Tom Webb

And for Blue I go with fandom’s choice Lydia Graham (she is very gorgeous by the way and her hair cut and eyes are all how I imagined Blue.)

I am sorry this got so long.

blue moon magick

what makes a blue moon different than a regular full moon?

For more than 50 years, we’ve referred to the second full moon in a single month as a Blue Moon, but that’s not the original definition. This definition came about after a few misinterpretations of the Maine Farmer’s Almanac.

Originally, the Maine Farmer’s Almanac defined a blue moon as the third of four full moons in a single season. This is a little confusing - why didn’t they name the fourth full moon as the blue moon?

The Almanac utilized the tropical year (extending from one winter solstice to the next) and assigned different names to every full moon throughout the seasons. The names of the moons were determined by utilizing the rules that decided the dates of Easter and Lent. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, and had to contain the Lenten Moon, which was considered the last full moon of winter.

The third full Moon was identified as extra so that the names of the other full Moons (Moon Before Yule, Moon After Yule, etc.) fell at the proper times relative to the solstices and equinoxes.

Blue moons of both definitions are equally rare. However you define a blue moon, the extra lunar energy in a month/season can be very useful to your spellwork! The abundance of moonlight can add extra power to other spells you might cast during a full moon.

The next blue moon is this Saturday, May 21st, and it will appear in the Sagittarius constellation. Any full moon spellwork would be excellent for this particular evening, but if you’d like to utilize the energy of Sagittarius as well, spells concerning the following topics would definitely benefit from the full moon’s presence in the Archer’s portion of the sky:

  • Major life changes (e.g. changing careers)
  • Creating new habits
  • Starting a new project
  • Evolving current talents/habits/projects
  • If you know something in your life needs to change but you don’t know what, you could divine with the stars to figure it out
  • Ignorant White People: why should we have to apologise for slavery and colonisation, we didn't do anything!!!!
  • Ignorant White People: so do you support ISIS?????
  • Me: looks into the camera like I'm on the office

Hello to all members of Tumblraccountants!

Like what other admins Kharla and Cedric did in the October 2013 and July 2014 board exams, I who took the CPA board exam last October 2014 will share to you my insights and previews about the exam. Para ito sa mga susunod na mga mageexam na gusting malaman kung ano ang mga nagaganap sa actual board examinations. Mahaba haba ito, so sana di kayo tamarin magbasa. :)

(Disclaimer: It might be different from what will be given in the next board exams tentatively to be held on May 2015. And it is my own observation, it might have different interpretations from others who took it. Also, I cannot post the complete actual questions, as I signed a non-disclosure agreement to the PRC not divulging the content of the exams, still it is an overview. I did this post hours after each day of the CPA board examinations.)


THEORY OF ACCOUNTS: Sabi ng ibang ka-dorm ko, galing sa ReSA preweek saka handouts yun karamihan mga tanong, consistent sa trend noong last July 2014 exams. (Taga CPAR ako kaya di ko masyadong nabasa yun sa ReSA, huhu.) Pero, I felt na sa TOA, labanan lang tlaga ng concepts. So I suggest na sapat na yun materials sa review center niyo. Mas marami pa rin kayo matatandaan kung makikinig kayo sa reviewer niyo. Maraming lumabas about the framework, financial instruments, shareholders equity, mga ilang tanong rin yun about sa EPS, preference shares saka retained earnings. May lumabas rin about service concessions (IFRIC 13) na noong preweek at actual board exam ko lang nalaman, so aside from review materials, try to read the standards and interpretations themselves kahit yun summarized lang. May konting government accounting pero ang simple lang. At walang employee benefits sa board exam ngayon.

AUDITING THEORY: Also known as “Auditing Theory and ENGLISH 1”. Paano ba naman, the Auditing Theory grammar questions introduced last July are again in this board exam. Limang tanong na proper use ng capitalization, pronouns, apostrophe saka paggamit ng active and passive voice ang lumabas. May tanong pa nga na yun other three choices are JEJEMON TEXTS. (That “K b der, 9am @ ofc, thx” choice for example.), na kung tutuusin ay bonus questions. Back to the main subject, maraming IT audit at audit sampling questions na lumabas. The rest are usual questions about audit reports and substantive procedures. For the reference, most of the questions reportedly came from Wiley. But, I think yung Salosagcol + CRC-ACE handouts sapat na rin sakin. So again, it’s all about concepts. Another tip: choose both the BEST and CORRECT answer. May tanong kasi doon na anong opinion ang ibibigay kapag may material misstatement ang FS. Di ba qualified or adverse opinion ang sagot depending on pervasiveness? Pero napilitan akong isagot ang qualified only kasi yun isa sa choices, “qualified and ADVISE opinion”. Kasi it may be the best answer, but NOT the correct one, kasi may error sa choice. Pwede kang magassume na typo error siya pero sabi nga “never assume unless otherwise stated”. Always think that your exam is correct, so if there are errors in the exams, choose the next best alternative, or if a worse error, call the attention of the watcher.


MANAGEMENT SERVICES: For me, it is one of the easiest examination in this board examination, pero DON’T be complacent because marami ring tricky questions doon. Maraming lumabas about financial statement analysis especially related to equity (EPS, dividend payout and yield, P/E ratio). May capital budgeting rin, pero ingat sa net annual cash inflows. Net income ang given, iba yun sa cash flow ah, dahil pag di mo naadd yun depreciation, damay damay yun NPV, payback period at simple rate of return mo. May budgeting rin: may computation ng budgeted production, at may collections from quarterly sales. May isang contested situational problem rin doon, about sa feasibility study budget proposal. Bumalik rin yun cost concepts, which some are theories. There were more problems this time compared to last July, albeit theories still dominated the exams. Lastly, there is one only question about economic concepts, about demand and supply. As for the reference, MAS Theories are reportedly lifted from Cabrera while the problems, CPAR handouts would be enough. May grammar question rin pala ang MAS, proper capitalization, kaya dapat talagang title nun “Management Services and ENGLISH 2”

PRACTICAL ACCOUNTING 1: Also known as “AUDITING PROBLEMS PART 1”. Bakit? Around 5 situational problems with five questions each ba naman ang binigay sa board exams. Di ba madalas pag P1, one-situation, one-problem lang, or at most dalawa? In short, mala AP talaga ang level ng questions sa P1. Actually pinaclarify ni Sir Valix of CPAR yun mga questions na iyon. Anyway, most of them are about cash flow statement, financial statement presentation, accrual to cash basis (not cash to accrual, kasi cash basis net income ang tinanong), inventory at accounts receivable. Wala dun yun “favorite topics” dun like employee benefits, at simple ang leases doon (as in operating lease lang). Another tip, tignan muna ang required bago yun situational problem. Bakit? May isang tanong dun na sobrang haba, almost one page yun may investment in equity securities + investment in associate + trademark + patent… tapos pagbuklat ko ng next page ang tanong lang pala simpleng dividend revenue. Badtrip di ba? Nasayang tuloy oras ko noon kakabasa. Lastly, don’t be careless in reading, may time kasi na computable lahat ng choice pero dahil sa isang additional information lang, nababago ang mga sagot. Ayun, kung next board exam ganun ang trend, after reviewing P1 handouts in your review center, isunod agad ang AP kasi magkarelate talaga sila. I would still recommend Valix books, dahil masasabi mo sa libro na yun na: “nasayo na ang lahat~” pero if gusto niyo ng AP level P1 questions, try Empleo’s FA books.


AUDITING PROBLEMS: “…PART 2”. One of the problems (about cash recieipts, disbursements and shortages) are very familiar with me dahil inexam ko siya dati noog undergrad ako, with the same amounts. That was lifted from the reviewer of Ocampo. (So may sure 5 points na ako. Hihi.) Pero beware, pwedeng baguhin yun tanong, so wag magkabisado ng sagot. For example, sa problem na yun, may lalabas na sagot if gross profit on cost ginamit mo at may lalabas rin pag gross profit on sales ginamit mo. So, INGAT, kasi pag nagkamali ka ng gamit, domino effect yun sa ibang related questions. Sabi naman ng isa kong classmate, may kinuha raw kay Roque. So, I would really suggest, like what I did in the review, that reading both of them are effective.  May lumabas na problems about shareholders’ equity (mainly issuance of shares), revenue cut off tests, and collections and payments. May isa lang na problem na medyo nanibago ako, about investment in joint venture and operations, kung paano mo hahatiin yun assets, liabilities and equity between sa mga venturers. Lastly, may THEORIES ulit ang auditing problems, like last October 2013 board exams. Mga walo or siyam yata. Related naman ito sa substantive procedures to be taken sa different transactions like in payables and receivables, at saka sa subsequent events. WALANG PROOF OF CASH. Kaya compared raw sa July 2014, mas madali ang AP ngayon.

PRACTICAL ACCOUNTING 2: Also known as “AUDITING PROBLEMS PART 3” dahil may 4 situational problems ulit with 5 questions each. It is this board examination’s KILLER SUBJECT. It was the subject that made me cry after finishing it dahil sobrang hirap niya, at paguwi ko sa dorm binalibag ko sa sahig yun mga materials ko sa P2 sa inis. :( May isang tanong doon about business combination na aakalain mo na 3-step acquisition siya dahil akala mo magkakapangalan sila. (I am talking about Kitty Kat, Kit Kat and Kitty Kit, I know makakarelate yun iba dito). Yun pala, tatlong companies pala ang nagacquire sa iisang company. (Yun dalawa ay investment in associate, at yun isa doon subsidiary) May lumabas ulit na about joint operations or assets yata about sa yachts na akala ko hindi pagtutuunan ng pansin: this time, pinacompute sa amin yun revenue, net income at share sa kada venturer. Naiinis talaga ako kasi sobrang gulo kung ilang araw talaga yun sail-days nila, pati yun costing nila. May isang problem naman doon about partnership operations na feeling alam ng marami ang gagawin pero nakakainis kasi sobrang haba ng kailangang solution dahil dalawang taon + ang hatian pa nila average capital balances + nag-admit pa ng bagong partner.  Naghahanap ako ng medyo madadaling topics sa P2 like Franchising, LTCC, Home Office & Branch, Corporate Liquidation, NPOs, Government Accounting, etc., pero WALA. Habang maraming Forex Transactions saka Forward Contract questions, Process Costing na nasa isang situational problem at dalawang Joint Costs problems. May theories na naman sa Practical Accounting 2. Doon ako nagulat, may about sa Activity Based Costing na ang alam ko part na siya ng MAS. Overall, even yung topnotchers nahirapan sa exam na yun dahil mahahaba na, nakakalito pa at habang nag eexam ako, malapit ng magtime pero walang labasan. Di tulad noong MAS, AT at TOA may nagpapasa na ng 1 1/2 hours pa lamang. Kung saan galing yun tanong, sorry, I do not know, dahil mas mahirap siya compared sa problems nina Dayag at Guerrero, na kung Level 1 yun sa libro, level 100 yun nasa exam na yun. Feeling ko self-constructed ang mga tanong kasi until now walang makapagturo ng source. Consolation na lang siguro dun yung mapaggamit nilang mga company names tulad ng Raikage at Temari ng Naruto, cast ng series na Suits, at sina June Mar (Fajardo), Andray (Blatche) at Jimmy (Alapag) + Paul (Lee) na players ng Gilas. Sabi nga ng isa kong classmate sa problem ni June Mar, sana raw sinama na nila si James Yap, PJ Simon at Marc Pingris.


BUSINESS LAW & TAXATION: The former killer subject last July 2014 doesn’t have its sting anymore, pero hindi pa rin siya gaanong kadali. Actually, may contested situational problem doon about community tax certificates or cedula dahil wala raw siya sa syllabus ng CPA board examinations. On the Tax part, may situational problem about income tax payable per quarter, dividend income, donors’ tax, pati na VAT. Theoretical lang ang Estate Taxation doon, at more focused rin ang exam sa assessments. Sa BL naman, may hustisya dahil well distributed ang mga tanong sa mga topics: may obligation, contracts, pledge, partnership, corporation at negotiable instruments. Although may mga tanong doon na medyo nakakalito. Example is kung ano ang promissory note na order to the bearer. May ilang Latin law terms na never heard sakin, tulad ng “pactum reservati dominii” or contractual reservation of title. Napa-“ano iyon” ako doon, so I suggest na dapat may legal dictionary kayo pag nagrereview. May isa pang situational problem sa BL, about sa appraisal right ng isang corporation, na kung nakinig ka noon sa lectures ng reviewer niyo, masasagot mo talaga siya. Naging sapat na sakin yun CPAR handouts at preweek on BL at Quick Notes ni Jack De Vera para makasurvive sa subject na ito. Pero dahil alam naming killer subject ang BLT last time, marami rin kaming binasa na libro doon, like ReSA handouts ni Tamayo, Soriano, etc.                       

—- ooo —-

Nakakawalandyo *with matching voice of Atty. D of CPAR* yun exam di ba? Dahil inexpect na namin na mahirap ang CPA board examinations tulad noong July dahil sa change ng composition of BOA, pinaghandaan talaga ng karamihan ito. Pero ang nangyari, parang standard costing: ang standard ay mahirap, pero ang actual MAS MAHIRAP pa, kaya naging UNFAVORABLE sa amin. Masasabi mo talaga na ACCOUNTING ang tunay na MAHIRAP. ACCOUNTING ang tunay na PURO PASAKIT. </3 Sabi nga ng ilan, pati ng iCPA, it was one of the toughest CPA board exams ever. (Di kasama yun time na hindi pa multiple choice ang board exam ah, mas mahirap naman yun.)

Sa lahat ng nagdasal at sumuporta, maraming maraming salamat! Sa lahat ng CPAs na, congratulations and see you sa oathtaking, testimonial dinner or baka sa work na rin. Sa mga hindi naman pinalad, di pa tapos ang laban! Balang araw, susunod na rin kayo na matutupad ang mga pangarap bilang CPA. At sa lahat ng magtatake this coming May 2015, I am wishing you all the best. Tiwala lang kay Lord plus efforts, magiging CPA ka rin.


To God be all the glory!     

- P.M.G. Clamor, CPA

So for children’s lit I wrote a paper about Cinderella as an abuse survivor and explaining how people’s criticisms of her as a bad role model because she’s meek and submissive are completely ignorant of everything she endured that made her like that, and how the story is useful for abused children because it portrays someone with all the psychological damage that they have as worthy of love. We were allowed to use first person if we wanted to talk about our experiences related to the story, so I concluded it by saying that Cinderella helped me understand and cope with my family’s abuse.

I got the paper back today and I got an A!!!! and my professor wrote that she’d never seen this take on the topic before, and that my conclusion was really moving. And it just hit me that this is the first time I’ve ever told anyone outside of tumblr that I’ve been abused.

I don’t know, that’s just a really big deal to me that I’ve been able to hold my family accountable to someone else. And then that someone who didn’t know me that well believed me and responded with compassion.

Cinderella gave me that. Fairy tales are that powerful.

Stargazing and Stolen Kisses

If Will Solace was told some hours earlier that by the night he would be stargazing with Nico Di Angelo on his side, he would’ve glared at the person and leave with a blush on his tanned cheeks. But now here he stood, side by side with the one and only son of Hades, both of them with arms folded under their heads and elbows touching.
Will’s thoughts were cut by Nico’s soft, slightly musical voice.
“You see that constellation over there?” he questioned, raising his arm to point at a star-formed shape that resembled a person with a bow.
“Yeah, what about it?” Will replied, turning his head to the side, facing Nico. He wasn’t aware of their proximity until his nose brushed Nico’s cheek when he turned. The boy must have noticed too, because even with only the pale moonlight illuminating the field, the son of Apollo could see his face reddening.
“That’s Orion. Um, when I was with Reyna and Coach Hedge, when we had to deliver that statue, he showed up mid-way and attacked us, the Amazons and the Hunters of Artemis. It was… harsh.”
“Oh,” Will replied eloquently. He knew Nico had some pretty bad memories from his quests and his past overall, and he really didn’t feel like pushing the topic would benefit anyone.
“Nico,” he said slowly, carefully, “I don’t want you to leave.”
The pale boy turned his neck so fast it could’ve snapped. “What? What do y-you mean?”
“If there is ever another quest that involves you,” Will explained, “I don’t want you to go. I want you to stay here. Here… With me.” He paused. Will’s eyes widened. Their noses were brushing now, and he could feel Nico’s warm breath tickling his chin.
“I-I mean, uh, I don’t want you in danger anymore, you know, you’ve already had wa—“
“Kiss me.” Nico’s quiet, almost inaudible voice interrupted him, but now his voice sounded different. It had lost its musicality. Now it sounded more like a hoarse, pleading whisper. The blonde demigod didn’t really know why, but he felt an extreme urge to oblige.
Will met those dark, dark eyes. Nico held the stare, but then he gazed at Will’s mouth for a second, and, tongue slowly darting across his own lips, he looked at Will’s bright blue eyes once more and spoke again, the same tone of voice. “Please.”
Will got closer, if that was even possible. Very gently, he brushed his lips against Nico’s, enough to send shivers down both boy’s spines, but not too much to actually count as a kiss. But the son of Hades couldn’t take it anymore. He wrapped his arms around the blonde’s neck and, as their lips collided in a passionate kiss, the moon and the stars seemed to shine a little brighter just for Nico and Will.

SO! This was requested by bailci, like, two decades ago, and I’m so sorry I took so long to post this! Anyway I hope you guys like it and yes, I know, I suck at fic titles. Forgive me XD have some Solangelo everyone! x

anonymous asked:

of course fake geek girls exist. of course they do. any fucking porn star dressed in a superhero costume at a convention is a fucking fake geek girl. Tanya fucking Tate. Erica fucking Campbell. Katie fucking Banks. Rachel fucking Roxxx. Tiffany fucking Teen. ALL FUCKING FAKE FUCKING GEEK GIRLS.

Man, someone’s pretty pissed off. Must have been schooled at trivia by some squirrels or something.

Let’s be honest, anon. I don’t know if any of them are geeks. Maybe they are. Maybe they aren’t. I doubt you really know them well enough to know what their real life hobbies are. But THAT’S NOT WHAT THE FUCKING FAKE GEEK GIRL BULLSHIT IS ABOUT, ASSHOLE. It’s about girls who are told that their interests aren’t valid, and that they’re only faking it to be popular. And that kind of gatekeeping bullshit is just pathetic as fuck. The depth of someone else’s interests has no actual impact on your life, unless you go out of your way to feel tortured and slighted by it. So just let people live their lives.

(Also, the porn stars you talk about? It’s a fucking job for them. And nearly everyone has had to hold a job where they’ve expressed enthusiasm for things they don’t care about. I mean, I worked in a department store once, and I’ll tell you the truth- I didn’t give a shit about what brand of socks you buy, but my manager certainly wanted me to give you a spiel to sell you on Gold Toe Socks, and by god, as long as he was giving me a paycheck, I was gonna tell you how great they were. And are you out there vetting all the actors who play super heroes to make sure they meet your nerd cred requirements? Actually, you probably are, and that’s just as fucking sad.)

And, really, dude, Erica Campbell retired from porn six years ago, I was kinda sad when it happened, but I figured whatever made her happy with her life was good. So are you still holding a fucking grudge years later because she dressed up as Wonder Woman years ago? Let it go, dude. Move on. Keeping this grudge makes it sound like you have some sincere issues on the topic that could benefit from talking to a professional.

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My knowledge of fluorine is that in water treatment it's good in small doses(like pretty much everything) We kinda need fluoride to protect the enamel on our teeth. Like seriously we'd probably have no teeth left without the fluoride ion

Exactly –  it’s one of those cases where an understanding of the oft-quoted ‘the dose makes the poison’ adage is vital. Of course, fluoride in high doses can cause problems, such as dental fluorosis, and even skeletal fluorosis in higher concentrations. There was a relatively recent case of a woman who drank tea made from 100 teabags, every day for 17 years, who developed skeletal fluorosis (so yeah, newsflash, if you don’t like fluoridation of the water supply, better not drink tea either!).

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of topical fluoride vs. tooth decay. It’s really not an effect that’s up for debate. Though there have been debates over whether water fluoridation is the most effective way to accomplish this, some studies have shown that even in areas where fluoridated toothpaste is used, water fluoridation still lowered tooth decay rates. Either way, really, there’s no scientific doubt that the concentrations of fluoride being used to fluoridate water supplies are safe.

Let’s Talk about Fusion Pt.1

What do we know definitively about Fusion? It’s a process wherein two or more gems combine their physical light bodies into a single entity. This new gem is physically larger than its component members as well as being more powerful. There are at least two (technically 3 if you count what Steven can do, though I’m focusing on pure gem fusion for this entry) types of Fusion that we know of: Fusion between different types of gems, and Fusion between the same type of gem. We know of no upper limit on the number of gems that can be Fused into a single entity, though I suspect there is a practical one.

Same Gem Fusion

We learn about this in “The Answer.” This is the only time in the show we’ve seen this occur.  In this episode we see three Rubies Fuse into one giant Ruby. This Ruby looks exactly like a bigger component Ruby with no extra parts, though it does have all of its members’ stones in the same locations. (left palm, back of right hand, and right shoulder in this case.)  As far as I can tell, same gems Fusing just lead to a scaled up version of that gem. This leads to some interesting questions about gem individuality and identity, but that’s a bit of digression from this topic. The relevant bit here is when Ruby describes Fusion to Sapphire: “It’s never like that! Whenever I’ve fused, it’s always just been me, but bigger, I… I’ve never had a third eye before.” She’s responding to Sapphire’s observation: “I… I’ve seen gems fuse before, but I had no idea that’s what it felt like. I always thought… I never realized that fusion… that’d you’d disappear like that.” We’ll revisit that later in different gem Fusion, but the take away for same gem Fusion is that the result does not appear to be a new gem with a distinct identity or sense of self. The Rubies are able to fuse effortlessly and without a dance, though if this is because they are all the same gem or because they are soldiers trained to fuse rapidly, or some combination, isn’t made clear. Though our sample size is only one, I am inclined to believe from context that same gem Fusions are extremely stable and ‘safe’ and I would even wager that the only limit on how long same gems can remain Fused is a cultural one.

Different Gem Fusion

This is a MUCH more complicated topic. The benefits of different gem Fusion seem to be identical to same gem Fusion: bigger and more powerful gems. It would appear that the only mandatory requirement for Fusion to initiate (and I’m not counting the forced fusion experiments YD is conducting) is consent. While I’m sure intent and harmony of purpose factor in, I’m not sure to what degree, and honestly I think those play a much greater part in the stability and health of a Fusion, rather than the formation. In Giant Woman, the first time Amethyst and Pearl try to Fuse they fail. I suspect that’s because while they share the intent, to save Steven, they’re not quite there on consent in the sense that they don’t seem to be interested in working as a team. Even taking that example into consideration, the consent/intent/harmony ratio is still on some rocky ground because we have Malachite, and to be frank, Malachite causes enough problems that I’m going to relegate her to her own section, so let’s temporarily set her aside as we continue to discuss different gem Fusion.

Let’s see what we can figure out about some of the traits and qualities of different Gem fusion:

-They definitely inherit the weapons of their component gems and can even fuse those weapons into a new weapon. We see this most clearly with Sugilite, Opal, and Sardonyx. In each of their cases, they summon the component gems’ weapons and then combine them into a new weapon. Of note, both Sugilite and Sardonyx summon Garnet’s fist weapon, which itself seem to just be a scaled up version of Ruby’s weapon (as seen in Keystone Motel). This makes me wonder if Sapphire ever learned to summon a weapon and Garnet only uses Ruby’s because that’s the only one she has access to. If Sapphire can manifest a weapon, why do we never see Garnet use it?

-If one of their component gems has a unique power, the resulting Fusion seems to have a version of that power, but not that power specifically. Garnet is the best example of this: Ruby has the ability to create heat and fire and Sapphire has the ability to create cold and ice; both elemental style powers. Garnet has the ability to create electricity, but doesn’t seem to be able to do anything with fire or ice. (She does indicate that she’s the only Gem that can withstand swimming in lava, which may be something else she inherited from Ruby). Sapphire has the ability to see the future (Jailbreak, Keystone Motel, The Answer) and bestow the sight upon another (Jailbreak). Garnet has the ability to look into the near future and see what the most probable events to occur will be, which is effectively a less powerful but slightly more versatile version of Sapphire’s ability. Garnet is also able to give this power to another as shown in Winter Forecast. It is unknown if unique abilities get more watered down as more gems are added to the equation. We really only see feats of raw prowess demonstrated by the other Crystal Gem Fusions, but they get far less screen time than Garnet, so there could be a lot we haven’t been shown.

-Much like same gem Fusions, the number of stones possessed by a different gem Fusion is equal to the number of stones possessed by its component members and they are located in the same places. Unlike same gem Fusions, all of a different gem Fusion’s stones change into a new type in line with the Fusion. E.g. Garnet’s stones are identical in color to one another, and are presumably garnets, instead of being a sapphire and a ruby. Curiously, though they change their color and type, they retain their physical shape, in this case I’m defining that as the structure and number of facets they possess. . E.g. when you look at Garnet, Ruby’s stone still has the same square face and five facets and Sapphire’s stone still has the same triangular face and four facets as they present on Ruby and Sapphire respectively. A further curiosity is that the stones appear to change in size so that they are proportional to the Fusion. E.g. if you look at the stones on Sugilite’s palms they are probably close in size to the entire body of an unfused Ruby or Sapphire.

-All examples of different gem Fusions we’ve seen so far have exhibited extra “parts” ranging from the relatively unobtrusive (Garnet) to the extremely conspicuous (Alexandrite). As near as I can tell, the more gems that are involved, the more ‘monstrous’ the resulting Fusion will be, but intent, stability, and harmony probably also play a part. Garnet, Rainbow Quartz, and Opal are all 2 gem fusions. In each of these cases there is only 1 extra ‘part;’ extra eyes for Garnet and Rainbow Quartz, extra arms for Opal. Garnet has 3 eyes, the sum total of Ruby and Sapphire’s eyes. Rainbow Quartz has 4 eyes, the sum total of Rose and Pearl’s eyes. Opal has 4 arms, the sum total of Amethyst and Pearl’s arms. If we look at the 3 gem fusions, Sardonyx and Sugilite, we see that each has 2 extra sets of “parts;” Sugilite has extra eyes and arms (full total of eyes at 5, but only 2/3 the total of arms at 4) and Sardonyx also has extra eyes and arms (she only has 4 eyes, though, and 4 arms as well). Based on this, I have to speculate that total number of “parts” is not required to carry over. Our one 4 gem Fusion is Alexandrite. She either has 2 extra “parts” or 3 extra “parts,” it’s kind of hard to tell. She definitely has extra arms (6, which continues the pattern of being 2 less than the total) and an extra mouth (also 2 less from the total number of 4). I’m not sure if the ‘spots’ around her forehead stone are meant to be eyes or not. They kind of look like they’re the same material as the glasses/visor thing in the middle of her face. Both Sugilite and Sardonyx wear some sort of object over some of their eyes, (Sugilite’s is opaque, Sardonyx’s is translucent) so it’s possible there are more than two eyes under that on Alexandrite, if it’s even a visor and not just a single, weirdly shaped eye. The forehead spots change shape and ‘open’ up right before she defuses in Fusion Cuisine, but that could be a just her face distorting as the Fusion fails. I can’t really say. If we’re following the progression exhibited by the 2 and 3 gem fusions, then I wouldn’t be surprised if the stuff on her face is somehow indicative of multiple eyes.

-The process of Fusion requires physical contact as well as coordinated motion between the gems that will be Fusing. This is most commonly represented to us as a dance, but Ruby and Sapphire are able to fuse by simply touching one another. Whether this is because of how in synch they are or a result of Ruby’s fusion training (when she fuses with the other Rubies in The Answer, which is the only time we’ve seen a fusion on screen consisting of more than two separate gems, they just form a ‘human’ pyramid and then turn into mega Ruby) I can’t say. Probably a combination of both considering how easily they Fused for the first time in The Answer because I can’t imagine they had the same level of connection and harmony then as they do now. If learning to manage a summoned weapon is an innate skill that gems can train, it seems reasonable that Fusion is also an innate skill that they could train as well. Perhaps the most ‘extreme’ example of the ease with which Ruby and Sapphire fuse is shown to us in Fusion Cuisine. When Alexandrite fails, we can clearly see Ruby and Sapphire’s light silhouettes, but, before they finish taking on shape and color, they almost immediately collapse into one another and form Garnet; This means that before they even finished manifesting their bodies they were able to Fuse. I suspect that is a very impressive feat for a gem.

In the interest of brevity and out of courtesy for my readers, I’m going to split this into a 2 part post. Tomorrow we will cover personality, memories, identity, and Fusion health as well as Malachite and some miscellaneous speculation. Thanks for reading!

TEAM M MC 140525 - Reinyan wants everyone to confess to her
  • Reinyan: I really like kansai-ben! Hey! I want to change this MC a little bit! This is a topic that might only benefit me but I want the members to confess to me in kansai-ben!
  • Airi: Sounds great!
  • Reinyan: It'll benefit the audience as well! You all want to be confessed to by the members as well right?
  • *audience cheers*
  • Airi: Let's do it then!
  • Reinyan: Everyone confess to me! Momo-chan needs to confess too!
  • Momoka: ....... who do I have to confess to?
  • Reinyan: Me! ... and the audience
  • Momoka: Ahhh if it's to the audience then I'll do it
  • *Reinyan looks down in sadness*