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Iron Fist Isn’t Bad. People are just Racist.

I watched it and based on the media I was expecting it to be somewhat disappointing. However, I loved it. I loved it more than I did Daredevil. I thought the plot was fun and Finn Jones is a GIFT. How dare you racist (and yes I do mean racist) people attack the show and lie about it because Danny Rand is white. It does not deserve the hate it is getting. Racism is defined as discrimination based on someone’s skin color and I have seen nothing but hate for Finn Jones based on nothing but being a white guy who is playing a character from a comic book released in the 70s and in case you guys didn’t know, Danny Rand in the comic books is white. If we changed Luke Cage to be white that would be the exact same thing and I would be just as pissed if not more so. Danny being white allows for a very special dynamic between him and Luke Cage.

When you write hateful things about Iron Fist because they didn’t hire an actor that has an Asian background,  it isn’t progressive; you are putting distances between cultures again by covering up that history between Danny and Luke and what that relationship stood for.

Iron Fist and Power Man were written as a way to bridge the gaps between two cultures during a time where that relationship was considered a little more taboo. They are best friends (Luke actually names his daughter “Dany” after him) and race didn’t matter to them. Luke didn’t care that Danny was white and that meant something at that time. This relationship means more with Danny being white because it helped overcome a great deal of racial disagreements; it showed a black man and a white man could have that relationship that was entirely accepting and respectful of both cultures despite those cultures having a history of bad feelings.

 I’m not saying I don’t want other cultures to be represented; of course I do, I’m just saying I like that Marvel honors the comic book origins especially when it has that unique history. My message here is; don’t hate Iron Fist because he’s white. Watch the series and if you hate it that’s fine but actually look at the series and not just the skin color. 

I understand if you’re pissed at Marvel, as you should be, as you ABSOLUTELY should be, but I think an all out boycott of the company will not be effective. Because right now Marvel is attempting to pass the buck and pretend like it’s ‘diversity’ that’s pulling down their readership. They’re not learning from low sales, they’re doubling down on the Nazism because of it.

To them, Nazism is a spectacle, an event, something to lure people in.

So, a more effect protest/boycott is to stop spending money on the series that are currently Hydra-infested shitholes and spend the money instead of diverse titles. Not because this protest is necessarily effective, it’s not really. But so that titles about diverse characters or written by diverse writers don’t suffer because of this. People still need the America Chavezes and Kamala Khans and Miles Moraleses of the world. Kids still rely on them on representation and I just KNOW they’ll be the first characters/comics to go when readership really does get that bad.

Drop something as soon as Hydra touches it, do not support this blatant Nazi-apologism, but recognize that a blanket protest is going to have a lot of fall out and the comics/characters/creators hit the hardest aren’t going to be the Nazi-apologists, it’s going to be the newer, more diverse characters.

So, I ask of you–let your protest have nuance. But I also ask that knowing that a lot of people cannot bring themselves to support Marvel in any way at this point and if that is true, please support non-Marvel comics about diverse characters written by diverse people.

(Also, if you’re still invested in the characters that are currently being fucked by the Nick Spencers of Marvel, PLEASE remember there are free online alternatives. You can find out what’s happening without supporting Marvel financially right now. You may not think your individual purchase matters and, for the most part, you’re right, but these things add up.)


DOCTOR STRANGE AND LOKI: Possible Marvel Face-Off

With Benedict Cumberbatch playing Doctor Strange and Tom Hiddleston as the fan favourite villain Loki, it’s safe to say that a Hiddlesbatch face-off is likely to happen. This is not just fan-made fantasy as it actually happened in the comics!

P.S. It’s also possible to have Thor on the side as well! :)


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