So I did a quick Heroic playthrough of Reach with the boys tonight.  Only took us about 3 hours or so.  The 30,000cR bonus was nice.  Finally pushed me over the line for my next rank up.  Now I’m at legend.

External image

Totally not looking forward to grinding out the million or so to reach Mythic.  oof.

I'm in Boston for PAX East 2012!

So in my absence I’m going to have this post queued up to post like, 5 times.  Thursday is just transit to Boston and checking in.  Friday, Saturday will be full of gaming awesomeness and concerts!  Sunday will be missing concerts and will include driving home with some friends. 

SO!  I may or may not be updating tumblr at all.  I’ve not really decided yet.

Anyways, I know I’ll probably be tweeting like mad so keep an eye on my twitter feed (where the fuck did the little twitter widget go in my layout!?)  So follow me or just watch @TopherXPwns.

I’m also thinking at the end of Friday and Saturday that I’ll do a Ustream show for a little bit so you guys can get some updates.  Leave me asks and stuff to look into so I can cover what you’re interested in!  It will be around 2AM East coast time Friday/Saturday night Saturday/Sunday morning if you want to watch.  That will be at  I’m not 100% sure I can do this since I don’t know the wifi situation in the hotel but if I can’t stream it I’ll try to send videos to tumblr!

Anything else, let me know!  There’s 2 of you I hope to see but probably won’t (jerks) other than that, Hope you all enjoy the weekend and whatever content I can get out of PAX!


So A few weeks back I changed my motto on Xbox Live to read “Occupy wall street” and my service tag in halo to be “OWS”  Not much but if a few people pay more attention then great.  So anyways, I was just playing Halo Reach and I get a message in the pregame lobby from one of the other players…  (See Pic 1)  I’m also the highest rated player in this particular match which may have had something to do with the comment.

So rather than sending a message back…I went out of my way to make the game miserable for him.  Killing him constantly and beating on his corpse.  Rather appropriate that I happen to have a flaming head in game.

I then kicked and kneed him into a river. (ok, I was really teabagging him but the screencaps make it look better…)

Mature?  Fuck no.  But sometimes, I’d rather be the lesser person and just beat your face in for mocking what I believe in.