The bff lays it down as to how I am the epitome of Black Canary:

1. You’re absolutely gorgeous. You have pretty much the same body shape, give or take some exaggerations for comic books.

2. You had the awkward teen years with a bizarre, unique stigma that comes from your parents

3. You help people not because you believe people are worth helping or because they deserve it or you want some glory, but because you’re naturally altruistic

4. For some reason people assume they can fuck with you and that is JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

5. Your angered groan is the equivalent of her scream

6. You would be able to really see the good in someone, and if you ever were in a relationship (and I can almost guarantee he would be just like Oliver) you would actually be the most supportive and caring person and would guide them correctly BUT NOT PUT UP WITH ANY OF THEIR SHIT

7. You’re both just tops people.

das wassup bitches

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this is my first time seeing your face omg shelby you’re so pretty!

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jfc you’re so pretty

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precious bby

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oh my gosh you guys sudtfvydtsvfdst thank you <3