So the few times I checked Tumblr today I saw my inbox fuller than normal and I was really worried because I thought it might pertain to my outburst yesterday (which I apologize for, as the first anon was correct)

But instead I got all these really sweet, supportive messages and an unexpected compliment. Thank you so much, you guys! I feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy now :)



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1- do you like ice cream? - If I say I don’t, I’m lying…going go have some in a minute or so, actually XD
2- what’s your favourite flavour ice cream? - o god, this question…torn between two, but gonna pick chocolate chip cookie dough
3- what’s your fav song? - right now, it’s All of Me by John Legend…had me crying the first time I heard it (and I’m not a crier!)
4- favourite movie? - Ratatouille by Disney/Pixar
5- what is the best part of you? (On the inside or out) - I’d like to say my kindness/generosity
6- what do you believe in? (Take this wherever you want, it’s deliberately vague) - I believe in the power of friendship
7- what was the happiest moment of your life? - going to my first Broadway show back in eighth grade…we saw The Lion King as a class trip
8- do you enjoy puzzles? - somewhat…jigsaws can get tedious, but I love crossword puzzles
9- what is your fav genre of music? - usually Rock/Classic Rock, but I can’t exclude my soundtracks
10- favourite gemstone? - Peridot!! (my birthstone!!)
11- did you know that I think you’re pretty AND cool!? That makes you pretty cool!! - this isn’t a question, but okay thanks!!

My Questions :3

1) what did you dream about last night?
2) if you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?
3) have you ever seen a shooting star?
4) if you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?
5) favorite thing to read about?
6) opinion on book-to-movies?
7) favorite dish?
8) favorite Pokemon type? (if you play)
9) what do you want to accomplish in life?
10) favorite TV show?
11) do you wanna build a snowman?


tophattedtime-deactivated201505  asked:

Hey, I'm so sorry if this triggers anything, but I noticed you said you were a furry - why do people have a problem with furries? Literally, it's such a harmless lifestyle, I don't understand why people are getting so upset, to the point of poisoning the air??

Don’t worry, no triggers here!

Honestly, I’ve no idea what some people’s beef with furries is. I’ve a few theories-People believe that furries think they’re actually an animal, are all into beastiality, want to have sex in a fursuit, those sort of things. While there are people like that in the fandom, I can safely say that it’s only a small majority. And to be honest, most furry porn is just animal heads on otherwise human bodies.

The stigma surrounding furries isn’t as bad as it used to be, luckily. I think part of it is because bronies came along and the good guy bronies are actually harmful with their porn (while furries are pretty harmless).

Personally I’m a furry because I just love animals. Fursuiting is akin to cosplay, if you ask me. I like making people happy when I suit! I also love how a lot of the furry fandom vouches for animal rights and eco-friendliness. But I respect those who’re unsettled by it. I was terrified of mascots as a kid, after all. I’ll jokingly admit to being “furry trash” cos what’s the point in taking everything completely serious?

Anyway, who knows what the stigma comes down to. Maybe it’s people wanting to feel superior (“at least I’m not a furry!”), maybe it’s discomfort that’s dealt with by humor, maybe someone had a bad experience with a furry or few. I’m honestly not sure.

I’m not exactly sure why someone released that chlorine gas, to be honest. There’s so little information right now. I can say that furry cons aren’t really anymore sexual than your typical convention.

Sometimes people are just assholes and maybe the perp would’ve pulled this at another con.

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Nova and Aurora ^^

Nova - When was I happiest?

Most recently, it was on my birthday. I’ve never really had a birthday party because it’s on an awkward day so nobody would come. Eventually I stopped expecting people to remember it but this was the first year where I woke up to a bunch of people greeting me and I had an actual birthday party! It was at a friend’s apartment and Cherry brought COOKIE cake and we carved pumpkins and listened to spooky scary music. Afterwards, we ate at my favorite restaurant and I honestly have never seen so many friends around a table before, so it was really the best birthday I ever had. ♥

Aurora - What is the most beautiful thing I can think of?

You know those ringlets of colors in a person’s iris? Not the overall general color of their eyes but the tiny little colors you can only see if you’re really close to them. Yeah, Cherry has those. They’re really pretty and it makes me jealous that I don’t have blue/green eyes like her.

I saw a meteor shower when I was out night sailing in the middle of a lake when I was younger. The sky was really clear and the water was still, so you could see the meteors in the reflection of the water. And there we so many of them, I felt like Howl when he first met Calcifer.

When I went snorkeling during a school field trip, I remember literally gasping underwater and choking because I was so amazed by the sea life I saw. I saw so many colorful fish swimming around ropes of kelp, a stingray lurking at the bottom of the sea floor, and the clutters of sea cucumbers and sea slugs. I enjoyed it so much, all I did during my free time during that field trip was go out snorkeling and watch the fish.

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My questions

1) You got any pets? Yes I do, my cat Lucy :3

2) Favourite colour? Light blue~~

3) What’s your favourite school subject? English

4) What’s your favourite social networking website? Tumblr obviously XD

5) What’s your OTP or OTPs? there’s quite a few .-. i ship a LOT but… maybe Rose/Kanaya

6) What’s your favourite fandom? HOMESTUCK

7) What’s your favourite movie? Peter Pan (the non-animated version) :D

8) What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream? Raspberry sherbet

9) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever owned? I own a lot of weird things .-. What about rainbow duct tape? XD

10) What’s your favourite memory? My first year at the Spokane Pride Parade :3 I felt so welcome there even though almost none of my friends could go.

11) A random fact about yourself? I’m obsessed with Sonic the Hedghog and have a lot of Sonic stuff like a clock, blanket, hat, 3 shirts, etc. XD

Here’s your questions :3
1.) What’s you favorite animal?

2.) Describe yourself in 2 words?

3.) What’s your favorite food?

4.) What’s your real first name?

5.) Why did you choose your URL?

6.) Why are you so awesome? XD

7.) Are you feeling alright today? :3

8.) Do you have a favorite game?

9.) Favorite movie and/or TV show?

10.) Favorite fandom?

11.) Will you be my friend? 0w0

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What are you gonna do if they do make a sequel? How will you celebrate?

Good question. First off we’ll announce that the sequel has come. Second, we’ll play the shit outta that sequel after years of praying for a sequel.

But, if the sequel still doesn’t tell where the heck deck Raphael’s father is and stuff about the real napoleon, will there be a sequel?

External image

Haha, not really. The teacups are from my local 100-yen store and they are meant to be used as bases for Sweet Deco stuff. I thought they would match the display so I got a couple of em~ The small “bookshelf” they are standing in is actually a box made for storing sewing kits, like bobbins, ribbons and such.  

All though it does exist Layton cups. One is an exclusive cup given out to people who attended a Pandora’s box event in Japan a couple of years ago. And the other one is a mug with Layton and Luke’s faces on it that was released when Eternal Diva was shown in the theaters. The teacup is one of my most wanted items and sadly also one of those things I have almost given up on ever owning. (Unless a miracle occurs lol) 

External image

Oh it’s my purikura’s!

I love to keep a lot of silly and cute things from my friends on my desk, so whenever I miss them I can just look at them and it warms my heart a bit. Also have some sketches and gift art from my friends on my lil collection altar as well. ; ^ ; Need to get frames for them. 

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Yo Dr Flowers - do you have any ways to kill off noisy neighbours that leave no trace? Well actually, even if it means rubbing maggots into their food, I don't care ^^

Hmm noisy neighbors you say?

Ah! If you’ve the bravery, I’d suggest using a catapult to launch a plagued corpse into their home, or at least on their property. That should do the trick!

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Do you ever think after Lost/Unwound Future, Clive was left in a mental hospital and conveniently "forgotten" about with the help of Hawks?

Possibly, though in the era PL seems to take place in (like okay theres technology from all over the 20th century in this game) he was just stuck into prison, moreso isolation, in the sense that based on his crimes, he shouldn’t be treated as a person. They probably didn’t care about his mental health at all and being stuck in those conditions would make his state worse.


I was tagged by theperksofbeingawhlaeshark :3

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Questions for me:

1. Who has changed your life for the better?

Umm I’d have to say my friends because they’re the reason why I’m still alive.

2. If you could be anywhere with anyone right now, where would you want to be?

I’d wanna be in my bedroom with my cat Lucy :3 

3. Favorite word?

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis and yes I can spell it :D

4. Fandoms you’re in? 

I have a lot of fandoms I’m in… *deep breath*

Night Vale, Free!, Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Homestuck, RWBY, SNK, Disney, ROTG, cats, animals, STEAM games and stuff, Pokemon definitely :3, and a lot more I can’t remember at the moment.

5. Favorite place you’ve visited?

Silverwood Theme Park :D

6. Favorite musician/musicians?

7. Are you a mathy-numbery type person or are you stronger linguistically?

Linguistics. I suck at math :/

8. Something unique that you have done/accomplished?

I have hosted a blood drive at my school :D

9. Weird habits?

10. Do you prefer rainy weather or sunny weather? Why?

I love the rain. It’s so peaceful and calming unlike the sun. I was actually told by a doctor that I’m like a vampire because my vitamin D levels were so low that they couldn’t calculate it.

11. URL meaning?

Well, Hikari is Japanese for light which was the name I chose in my freshman year of high school for my Japanese class. Luna is moon in Latin and I have always loved the moon. I also loved a book series called Daughters of the Moon :3 And then Cat is a shortened version of my real name XD

My questions for you guys :3
1.) What’s your favorite place to be?

2.) Your favorite color?

3.) Favorite instrument?

4.) Do you play an instruments?

5.) Do you have any pets?

6.) Favorite food?

7.) Favorite weather?

8.) What’s your favorite animal?

9.) Favorite holiday?

10.) On a scale of awesome to awesome how awesome are you? XD

11.) Are you having a good day today? :3