I’m such a happy girl right now. Thanks to @tophatandbrassknuckles and my mom these showed up today. Just in time for Monday’s class. My mom picked them up today for me and brought them down with some earl grey tea and I’m just asdfghljsfnska.

I don’t think you all understand what this means to me. There need to be more people like Tophats in the world, it’s mostly thanks to her I get to continue my summer course and my mom for paying the rest and collecting them for me. Ahhhhhh I’m so happy.

Happy happy happy.

Been thinking about a wounded Reaper, pinned down with a squad of UN guns pointed at his head

Everything seemed hopeless, He’s been defeated, the “good guys” have won. 

Damn it but he tried.

Breathing heavily on his knees, he tilts his head downwards, eyes closed, waiting for the inevitable barrage of bullets to come his way. 

They never came.

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In a contemporary article about Fred Astaire, a New York Times journalist described Astaire’s overall film technique: …he gets the general idea of the next show he is going to be in from the producer. Sometimes he gets the music, too. Then he sets about thinking up original and snappy dance ideas. Occasionally he finds he can use some embryonic creation which has been knocking around in his head for years; occasionally, even, he suggests ideas for his script writers and composers to work on. The idea for the title dance in Top Hat —the dance in which he used his cane to ‘shoot’ down a line of tail-coated chorus boys—came to him one morning about 5 o’clock, while he was tossing restlessly in his bed. He jumped up, grabbed an umbrella out of his closet, made a few exploratory passes with it to test the idea out and then crawled sheepishly back into bed….Mostly, however, Mr. Astaire—when in the throes of conception—just goes into his rehearsal room on the RKO lot, tells his pianist to start playing and then stands in the middle of the room, letting his feet ramble idly, until a notion begins to take shape. Then he kicks it around for a while, experimenting and feeling it out. Hermes Pan, a dance director, stands by to remember the details—and thus—slowly, are his routines devised. After he has his dance created, Mr. Astaire devotes days, even weeks, to perfecting it, smoothing it out and getting it so that it rolls off as easy as pie.

anonymous asked:

Okay but what if Talon forced Gabe into betraying Overwatch by blackmail? Like they had someone in overwatch who put a tracker in jack and they had a sniper waiting if gabe disobeyed. Or poison they could release. What if they threaten to test the nanites that made reaper on jack? Or just took Jack when he was visiting family?

Oh Anon, what beautiful variations of pain you have placed in front of me. LIKE A CHEESE PLATTER OF JOY. 

One sticks out, because I have a thing for it, “what if they tested out the nanites on Jack”. 

BRO. I’ll try to throw down something for this. HERE WE GO SHITTY DRABBLE INCOMING.

Say Jack infiltrates a Talon base and Reaper is tasked with putting him down. What if in the final moments he just can’t do it, this is his Jack and damn it all he won’t let him die that quickly.

However, Jack is seriously banged up, serious wounds covering his body. Both from the base attack and some Reaper-inflicted.

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tophat-pearl  asked:

How did you get a handle on this URL? I'm actually curious. Someone had it before you I beleive

On a whim on twitter I mentioned that centipeetle was probably like, my ‘dream’ url. A friend turned out to know who was hoarding the URL, asked if I could have it.. and here we are

Jack being possessed by a vengeance spirit AU

“Revenge is not justice”

Dragon spirits exist so why not a spirit that feeds off vengeance?

I’m totally not thinking of Percy from Critical Role here. 


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#sdcc2016 here I come! Special thanks to Lauren @castlecorsetry for making my corset. I’ve had this for a couple years and I love it!!!

#castlecorsetry #cosplay #cosplayer #marvel #marveluniverse #marvelcomics #spiderman #spiderverse #spidey #blackcat #tophat #corset #instadaily #instamood #instapic (at Comicon, San Diego Convention Center)

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Sidenote: it’d be nice if you guys messaged me like your birthdays and pronouns (if you are comfertable with this you dont have to) so its easier to talk about you and also i can wish you happy birthday!!!

Edit: i forgot one!!!