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ok, consider this: izumi’s daughter and wei beifong

i know bryke wanted to pair her with mako, and i like the ship, but what if she met wei and they end up falling in love? i love the twins, especially wei, and i love izumi’s daughter - even though we don’t know anything about her. i think i love the idea of her character. 

i have this headcanon where ursa (that’s my name for her) is opal’s best friend. it works for both ways, if she dates mako or wei - with mako they would hang out all the time cause opal dates bolin, and they are brothers. in wei’s case opal would be the one to introduce them. i like to think that she invites ursa to go to zaofu with her, and when they get there, wei is playing power disc with wing. ursa is like all impressed and wei is embarrased cause he’s very sweaty

they spend a lot of time together during the time she stays in zaofu, it’s kinda hard when she needs to leave. wei talks to opal, he ask her to bring ursa more often, and then she realizes they like each other. opal starts to ursa about wei, and to wei about ursa. opal’s is their angel and she’s SO happy when they finally announce they’re together

su and izumi think their relationship is the cutest thing. iroh, opal, wing and huan went out to dinner with ursa and wei to celebrate it. and of course it would be sooo cute to see toph teasing zuko about those two. in my head zuko is very protective over his grandchildren - his whole family, actually - and he gets kinda………hm okay……. when ursa tells him about wei. toph loves it. in the end, zuko ends up loving wei, he thinks he’s such a good boy

so that’s it! i still like ursa x mako, but ursa x wei is so cute. love my little headcanon that brings together my two favorite families from tlok <3


If you listen hard enough you can hear every living thing breathing together, you can feel everything growing. We’re all livin’ together, even if most folks don’t act like it. We all have the same roots, and we are all branches of the same tree.

Percy Jackson AU Headcanons

Katara - daughter of Poseidon

Sokka - shares same mom as katara (dif dad)

Zuko - son of Hades

Azula - daughter of Hades (twins)

Aang - son of Hermes

Toph - daughter of Hephaestus

Suki - daughter of Athena

Mai - daughter of Ares

Ty Lee - daughter of Aphrodite

Later I might make up a story in bullet point format, but for now i think ill stick with this

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and Lin learning to read and write motivating Toph to finally agree to learn that 'braille' shit Sokka had invented for her? so they're both learning at the same time, Sokka and Katara helping them each respectively????

and Lin reading Toph stories instead of the other way around for bedtime. and Toph turning in paperwork with big, sloppy letters because Lin insisted she could take dictation. ;-;

            YESSSSSSSS. Lin plops down & super seriously starts writing for her most nights, with her messy letters & spelling mistakes. I’m sure people stopped being surprised at all of Toph’s paperwork being covered in kid writing after awhile, lol.
also, Lin being extra motivated because she’s learning to read with her mom, who’s the coolest person ever….. it’s sO STINKIN CUTE.

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Toph, G.

It took every bit of Toph’s strength not to tremble as Katara handed the baby over.

Toph had felt the little heartbeat within herself for months, so keenly was she aware of the way her own body interacted with the earth beneath her feet, and today that heartbeat had gone its own way. It was its own entity now, passing from Katara to the shaman and back again, and now that little beating heart was coming into Toph’s arms.

She took the baby, and it was like once again being part of each other.

Toph’s throat thickened, which was just as well, because she couldn’t think of what to say. Speaking her feelings out loud was something she avoided whenever possible, a strategy she had always claimed made the few exceptions that much more powerful, but now she realized it just left her out of practice. It shouldn’t have even mattered what she said, because this was a baby and babies couldn’t talk or understand anything.

But Toph didn’t want to mess anything up with her daughter.

She’d be as good a mother as she was an Earthbender, which is to say she’d probably invent a whole new style of parenting that would change the world and create an everlasting legacy of greatness.

The thought calmed Toph’s nerves, and she realized her best bet with introducing herself to her daughter was probably to just go with instincts and be herself.

Toph’s instincts, when it came to expressing love, usually came down to punching the subject in the shoulder as hard as she could. But babies couldn’t be punched. They were little and fragile.

So Toph leaned over her daughter, said, “Pleased to meet you, squirt,” and then flicked the baby’s shoulder with her littlest finger.

The baby startled in Toph’s arms, made a sound like a badgermole with a sore nose, and then started wailing with a strength completely out of proportion with its tiny body.


Toph wondered if this counted as her first fight with her daughter.

Just A Little Analysis Post

So I’ve been thinking heavily about the theory that Sokka is the father of one of Toph’s daughters. And while this was never confirmed, maybe some digging will give us a better perspective.

Now we all know Toph had two daughters. And everyone knows who Lin’s father is. But we never really knew who the other father was.

Now let’s go back to book 3 in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Toph had a pretty obvious crush on Sokka. And she  was sheltered for the first 12 years of her life. So I’m going to assume he is her first crush.

Usually your first crush sticks around for a while.

So Toph possibly has the feelings for him when they get older.

Now Sokka’s feelings are a lot more confusing. But the thing is, he saved Toph multiple times and allowed her to hang onto him when she was scared.

And not to mention when they got older, at Yakone’s trial, Sokka greatly complimented Toph. He never did that for any other Gaang member.

So Sokka Possibly has feelings for her.

So the romantic foundation is there.

Now let’s talk about the resemblance that has been pointed out in the tumblr post below:

You can tell that their chins eyes and hair match.

And notice how Lin doesn’t look an awful lot like her sister

So while we do not know if Sokka and Toph had a kid. I firmly believe the romantic foundation is there and it was quite possible that they had a kid together,

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The Best We Can: Kataang Week 2017 - Sleep

Summary: Sixteen year old Kya runs away after having an argument with Aang, and the Avatar struggles with the guilt of driving her away. Katara reminds him that perfection is impossible when it comes to parenting, especially in their case.

Rating: K 

Word Count: 3,571

A/N: This is my favorite submission for this week, so I really hope y’all like it!


“I assure you, your daughter isn’t here, Master Katara. Meiling said she hasn’t spoken to Kya in weeks.”

“Oh… Alright, well, thank you, Mr. Song. I’m sorry to bother you.” Katara hung up and held her nose between her thumb and index finger. She picked up the phone again and dialed. “Toph? Oh. Hi, Lin. Is your mom there? Okay. Well, have her call me when she gets back. Thanks, sweetie. Bye.”

“Anything?” Aang asked.

Katara shook her head. “No. I’ve called all of her friends’ parents and none of them have seen her.”

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AU + 5 headcanons - How does the Gaang deal with a half-feral firebender?

Continuation of this AU [Link]

1. So when Zuko shows up to sniff out the Avatar’s intentions and prospects and possibly put himself in the Avatar’s service, Aang and his friends have never seen Zuko before.  He hasn’t been hunting them for months, and there is no bitter history of betrayal.  When he comes to them, it’s as a weary soldier, who envies the gaang’s naivete, and yet knows that they will lose it painfully.  For the gaang, he reminds them powerfully of Jeong-Jeong, another deserter and traitor of conscience.

2. It’s Zuko, not Iroh who finds Toph after she runs off from the Gaang during Azula’s chase off them, and it’s Zuko who talks her into going back to them while he tags along.  When they all confront Azula in the ghost town, when she sees him, when she recognizes him, she pauses, for just a moment, and it’s almost sufficient for the gaang to capture her, but then she strikes Toph, the girl he came with, and escapes.  Katara and Zuko bundle her onto Appa and leave with the rest of the group.

3. It’s been a long, long time since Zuko thought of himself as Ozai’s son or as the former prince of the Fire Nation.  He has official paperwork on file saying he’s a nineteen-year-old orphan, who was given the choice to join the army after being caught pickpocketing.  So this is not what he opens with.  He only mentions it after Azula refers to him as her brother.  Toph, as the daughter of a noble family, is the first to put together the political implications of this, which is to say that Ozai and Azula should not be on the Fire Nation throne, and Zuko could replace them.  Sokka and Katara, meanwhile put together something else.  Zuko’s father and little sister want him dead.

4. The Dai Li and the tainted utopia that is Ba Sing Se don’t surprise Zuko at all.  As I mentioned in the other post, he has seen atrocities on both sides of the war, and he just wants the fighting to stop.  The only thing he really thinks about the Dai Li is that he’s pretty sure Ozai wishes he had his own Dai Li.  Which means when they show up in the bunker on the Day of Black Sun, he is utterly unsurprized.

5. When Zuko sees Mai in Ba Sing Se, he recognizes her immediately.  He is captured in Katara’s place.  Mai comes down to see him and he tries to convince her to help him escape and come away with them.  Mai tells him she can’t.  But she also can’t leave him there, so she goes to the Gaang and tells them where Zuko is.  For this, she is captured.  Azula leaves her alive, hoping she can use her as bait to lure her brother and the Avatar into her grasp.

Jings and Other Things: How Combat Informs Character, Cultural Progress, and Vice Versa

Over the series run of The Legend of Korra there have been quite a few posts and thoughts regarding the significant changes that bending had undergone in the seventy years that span the gap between it and The Last Airbender.  Here, reddit, forums, you name it, somebody has pointed it out.  Many of you remember ATLA as having titanic fights with massive feats of bending.  And why shouldn’t you? Avatar Kyoshi made her own fucking island centuries before Aang’s time even began.

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