toph would be proud

Zutara/Taang AU 2

Imagine a future where Katara and Zuko’s children were having a sparring session with Aang and Toph’s kids.

Aang would have been off to the side right beside his wife, amusement very evident in his expression but at the same time, wary about the dangers this could result in, ready to step in in case something happens. He clutched his staff tight. As he stared at his wife and his children (one of which possessed amazing air bending skills, which he had been very proud of), contentment swelled up inside him. He couldn’t have asked for a better life. 

Toph would have been yelling and cheering for her kids loudly, like the proud mother she was. She didn’t teach her daughter earth bending for nothing. Metal bending would follow once they have mastered the earth. She could feel her husband’s arm slithering around her waist when she got too feisty, and for that she was grateful and loved him all the more. 

Katara was the least happy about these regular sparring sessions. It wasn’t because she was such a killjoy; no, it was just because she was worried that her precious babies would get hurt. Granted, she was a master healer and all, but she prayed fervently that she wouldn’t ever have to use those abilities on her kids. She eyed her husband from the corner of her eye; he noticed her and let out a small, reassuring smile as well as pulling her even closer to his body, if that was still even possible at this point. She was already squeezed against his broad, sturdy, and warm self. No words were needed to be said; just by his embrace alone, she was reassured that everything will be well, that everything be will turn out alright. He gave her that comfort, and she relaxed as she went back to watching the kids fight it out. 

Zuko knew how much his water bender disliked these. That is why he made it a point to always lock her in an embrace especially when the children got carried away. To be honest, he was impressed by the amount of precision, accuracy, and control they had on their respective elements…. then again, they were the spawn of the world’s most powerful benders, so he really shouldn’t be surprised. He watched as his fire bending daughter and water bending son carefully watched each other’s backs, caring more about each other’s safety more than actually winning. He’d have to thank his lovely wife for instilling that value in their heads. As he looked at her once again, he contemplated that she could have been a fire bender herself, because she ignited so much fire inside him, and she was the only one who is able to control it as well. He ended up leaning down and kissing her temple, and she looked up at him again, only for him to give her one of those “killer” (as she described it) smiles of his, and they both resumed watching the little battle being waged in front of them.

As of this moment though, immature thoughts were encircling inside their heads. Aang was getting sleepy, and he started leaning into Toph’s shoulder. Toph was getting hungry and impatient. She was tempted to step in and stop it for good. Katara, too was getting tired, and she wanted nothing more than to lay in bed. Zuko also wanted to lay in bed, but not in the way Katara was thinking. (*wink wink*)