toph is badass

There are literally so many badass women in Avatar. Like, the entire cast of Avatar is made up of badass women. Many of them are non-benders as well.

We have:

Katara, waterbending master and graceful badass.

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Toph, queen of earthbenders

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Suki and the Kyoshi warriors

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Ty Lee, gymnast and acrobat

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Mai, nonbender

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Azula, Fire Nation princess and madwoman

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Headcanon time!

Headcanons for LOK characters after the series end. I always enjoy doing these!

Korra and Asami have an amazing vacation in the spirit world, which fuels Asami’s imagination inspire many innovations that will help humanity, while also maintaining a balance with nature and the spirit world. Korra’s own sense of spirituality and understanding is heightened during this trip.

Korra and Asami eventually become wives, and spend the rest of their lives bringing peace and balance to all nations. Korra through her avatar powers and Asami her invention powers (shhh, it’s a power). Korra also becomes an awesome avatar, and is no longer considered the worst avatar ever.

Bolin and Opal eventually fade apart, and in grief and confusion Bolin joins this weird ass circus almost every other Avatar universe character has been apart of. There he meets his future wife, a water tribe girl who is an aspiring director ( I will forever ship Bolin and water tribe girls). Together she re-starts Bolins career as an actor and they make some of the most successful movers of the time. During that time Bolin works hard to use his celebrity and new found wealth for philanthropy, eventually transitioning from actor to politician since he wants to be more proactive with helping. Plus his years in the entertainment career has solidified his public speaking skills. Also with his money he is able to move him and Mako’s family out of Asami’s house. Bolin and his wife give birth to a firebender kid in a weird skip of genetics.

Mako decides to remain Wu’s body guard during his attempts at becoming a pop singer, which of course Wu fails at but on the plus side lands a gig as a radio show host. It’s only a short five years, but during that time him and Wu get into some crazy shenanigans before, with a heartfelt goodbye Wu let’s Mako go, because they both know it’s time. Mako rejoins the police force as a detective, but he will always remember fondly his day with the man formerly known as Prince Wu. Everyday he starts his day listening to the radio show ‘Waking up with Wu’.

Yes, Lin Beifong ends up taping that nuktuk waiters cute booty. The waiter was very honored. Lin Beifong adopts both Bolin and Mako as her little chicakdee’s and nurtures her little babies with that good ol’ fashion tough love. She remains Republic Cities greatest chief of police and a statue is erected of her next to Toph, made by her own nephew Huan.When Huan was asked about the statue he had this to say “ I don’t normally do straight forward stuff, I like to make the audience work for it, suffer in their efforts to obtain it’s meaning, but then I thought about it and my Aunt is one of the most straightforward people I know. So I made a statue that’s like her, straightforward in resemblance and meaning.” Lin also now visits her family during the holidays.

Mako follows a similar path as Lin Beifong and ends up being devoted to his work. While he dates a few other people along the way, he never settles down with anyone and has no kids, well, in a gesture of goodwill he donates his DNA to Asami and Korra so that they can have a kid together. He is an excellent Uncle and so is Bolin, and at the end the day very satisfied with being “BatMako”.

Toph Beifong, remains a badass swamp witch. Also gives Lin Beifong a proper apology.

Katara awakens from her four year stupor and returns to being the badass old lady she always was. Immediately gets involved with everything, including helping with the transition of spirits in the human world. Being the avatar’s wife gives her some pull with the spirits.

Since Katara seems back to her old self and doesn’t really need to be taken care of, Kya is free to start roaming again. This time she decides to explore the spirit world.

Desna and Eska lead the Northern water tribe nation into becoming the world’s most fashionable place to be, seriously they are like Paris or Milan or something fashionable. Apparently the southern nation can’t get down with the Northern Fashion, and insist on maintaining a certain Southern flair. With great irritation Desna and Eska releases Southern Watertribe from their care. Katara is elected chief of the Southern Water tribe. A statue of her is immediately put up.

Water Tribe remain the sexiest nation.

Tenzin and all his airbender children work on rebuilding the air nation and custom, refitting it to fit with modern times. Meelo joins the United Army, becoming the first air nation member to become Admiral.

Tahno and the Wolfbats are still Pro-benders, although honest pro-benders. They also start a jazz band with the same name, and are quite successful. Their music is often seen as risque and not at all respectable, very big with the youth. Tahno, the wolfbats and the two fangirls are in a life long committed polyamorous relationship, loyal to only each other. With that said the ‘Uh-vatar” is always welcome to free ‘private lessons’. It was reported in one of the teen magazines that their favorite food is noodles. Desna has Tahno posters in his office, and has been known to frequently invite him to the northern tribe palace.

Korra regularly visits Kuvira, and consults her on occasion about various different Earth nation customs, but mostly to keep her company. In later years she is also known to visit Zaheer and have philosophical debates.

In true Beifong style, it takes Bataar 15 years before he is able to speak with Kuvira.

General Iroh II marries a respectable, intelligent, good hearted fire nation noblewoman. Teen magazine reports that many hearts were broken.

Zuko splits his time between the fire nation and the southern water tribe. At first to help with the spirit portal, then to visit his uncle and eventually to spend time with a certain special Southern tribe girl whom he always fancied since boyhood. Their wedding is very quiet, but beautiful and long awaited.

Korra leaves behind a most excellent legacy.