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so i've had this idea for a swapped nations zutara au; so katara's the fire princess, and zuko's the eldest son of hakoda (which means zukka brothers awesomeness). however, while katara was banished, she has no physical mutilation (or it's hidden like on her back, bc fuck ozai) whereas zuko still has his facial scar, which he got when yon rah murdered kya (maybe he took yon rah by surprise??? or the guy was just a dick), so he's extra bitter towards the fire nation, and even more determined (1)

anonymous said: to keep everyone safe (and sokka is super protective of the whole scar topic bc while zuko’s the eldest, he needs looking after too and sokka is a good brother like that, with help from Boomerang ofc). so they find aang in the iceberg, and katara comes to their village in their warship and all the shenanigans happen. but when katara sees zuko’s scar properly, that begins to sow doubt in her mind about the fire nation’s purpose in war bc (either she realized it herself or asked iroh) he’s not (2)

anonymous said: much older than her, but the scar is quite old at this point (they’re their canon ages) so it would have been done to a child. how the hell is that spreading the fire nation’s greatness across the world? and while all the canon shenanigans happen to the gaang (including sokka, suki and toph being awesome - sukka and sibling!toko - and also training aang - zuko in waterbending, and then later katara in firebending - etc.), the zutara bonding also begins to happen; so zuko reveals he got his (3)

anonymous said: scar when his mother was murdered and katara reveals her mother is also gone - the southern raiders has the added tension of finding the guy who not only murdered kya, but also mutilated zuko - and all the while they’re growing closer and gaining an understanding like they did in canon; which is partly why the ship is so good imo; they understand each other so well. so yeah, sorry it’s so disorganized, just wanted to share it - rlly love your blog btw; sokka is amazing <3 (4)

i love this idea! i’ve always thought katara and zuko’s personalities suit their opposite element immensely well, so i can totally imagine katara being fire nation and zuko being from a water tribe. also zuko/sokka being siblings? it’s a dream come true, imagine the sass, imagine the banter, imagine the protectiveness. i always love culture swap aus so i’d be all for reading that. you should’ve hit one our writers up with this, maybe they can turn it into something magical! what do you say @babyfairybaekhyun, @theadamantdaughter, @honxrable, @seapruncs??

and yes, sokka is amazing. the most amazing. so amazing that every time i see a piece of sokka content on this site i reblog no matter how many times i’ve seen it because i’m so deprived of him

He’s almost two the first time sees her, she’s wrapped in a blanket and his mom is smiling at him. He climbs up on the bed beside her, then looks at the strange looking, tiny human in her arms.


"This is your sister, Sokka. Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Sister?” He reaches to touch her head, brushing his fingers over her forehead. He pulls a face, “I want to throw it in the water.” Sokka doesn’t understand when his parents start to laugh. 

He learns later her name is Katara, and he is not allowed to throw her in the water. 

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Toph: still the greatest earthbender in the world now that old Bumi is no longer around


Dante Basco aka Prince Zuko reciting a series of impromptu poems and singing “Let It Go” Zuko version