toph is awesome

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I never seen a fat toph from avatar that might be worth a shot

An… odd request…? As I said, I don’t do children characters… However, she is around 15-16 come some of the comics so… I guess I’ll allow this. Also… way back in the day, at least two or three years ago, there was a fat Toph blog. They were awesome.

Toph knew she as getting heavy. She could tell that much. Her movements were a little slower, her bulk was heavier. Of course, why was she worried? Heavier made her more at one with the earth and training with more weight would make her more effective. Blind as she was yet still a heroine of the world, she had taken the last few years in a more lax manner. As such, she had taken the last few years to just take that all in and enjoy herself! Good food and good comfort while spending as much time as she wished training or just doing whatever she wished. Her bending was just as sharp as ever after all.

Still, as it was, she expected that her future life would be more busy. Republic City was being constructed and much like everyone else she had been close to years ago, it seemed that they’d be back together again. No matter, she’ll be ready by then. Another few months of relaxing and she’ll get back out there and serve the people of the world once more!

“Now then… bring out a beef bowl!” She yelled out with a smirk, detecting the steps of the nearby waitress with trained ease.