More headcanons for the opposite element AU:

- Sokka, Katara and Yue grew up together and are close friends. In this AU Yue’s name is Hinata (meaning ’facing the sun’) because of the sun’s importance to the Fire Nation.

- Aang’s firebending teacher is Master Hama, The Dragon of the West, who also taught Katara when she was younger. Hama was never captured in this AU and is lifelong friends with Kanna.

- Air Nomads have books written in braille that Toph can read. The book she’s reading discusses spiritual projection, which Toph will later use to travel to restricted areas and spy on her enemies.

- Since Iroh is Chief in the North and Ozai is Chief in the South, Ursa didn’t have to kill Azulon. When Ozai tries to hurt Zuko, Ursa puts a stop to it, and she goes with Zuko for his banishment.

The signs as characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Aries: Uncle Iroh

Taurus: Katara

Gemini: Appa

Cancer: Toph

Leo: Azula

Virgo: Aang

Libra: Suki

Scorpio: Jet

Sagittarius: Sokka

Capricorn: Momo

Aquarius: The cabbage guy

Pisces: Zuko