toph and zuko


Avatar: The Last Airbender!Cats
Aang | Katara | Zuko | Sokka | Toph | Ty Lee | Mai | Azula

I’ve been in love with the characters in this show lately, and wanted to design them as cats!! I recently got an ink pen, so these guys were my test subjects. Traditional sketches to digital coloring is probably my favorite method of coloring.

Dedicated to tinygayitalian and yuuikkuma
Those streams were a blast<33

Art is mine
Please do not edit or redistribute without notifying me // without proper credit


  • Ozai:Where is the Avatar
  • Azula:hold on
  • Azula:*uses hands as microphone* KATARA SUCKS
  • Aang:*goes into Avatar State* EXCUSE ME
  • Sokka:*whips out boomerang* EXCUSE ME
  • Toph:*releases sonic wave from mouth* EXCUSE ME
  • Suki:*turns into the actual Avatar Kyoshi* EXCUSE ME
  • Zuko:*rides in on a majestic golden dragon* EXCUSE ME
  • Azula:shit
  • Katara:excuse you

It’s SacAnime this weekend! I’ll be in artist alley, table 126.

I’ve got some new stuff for the con! More shiny Steven Universe buttons, with homeworld gems and fusions. And I’ve finally made Avatar and Legend of Korra stuff.

I’ve updated my Storenvy so you can purchase them, but I won’t be able to mail out orders until Monday, Sept. 7.

Pre-convention commissions for SacAnime are closed. I am still taking commissions for my next cons, please go here for details.


30 Day Avatar the Last Airbender Challenge

Day 24: Least favorite pairing; Toko

“I once had a long conversation with the guy and he would only talk about you. It was kind of annoying but it was also very sweet. All your uncle wanted was for you to find your own path.”