toph and aang are so cute

every voice on atla is great

its all engraved in my head

when i read lines from them, i hear it in their exact voice

Disney Song Prompt #1

Disney Prompt #3: Can You Feel the Love Tonight with Zuko

Warnings: None


“I can’t believe it! I can NOT believe it!” Sokka exclaimed, looking at the beach from the house Zuko had brought them to.
“What? What’s wrong?” Aang asked.
“And look at them, they have NO idea! Agh!”
“Who? What don’t they know?” Aang searched the beach with his eyes, trying to understand what Sokka was talking about.
“Zukko and (Y/N)! Look at them!” Sokka said, turning Aang’s head to where they were walking together. “Can’t you see it?”
Aang shook his head.
“Ugh, they’re falling in love and then Zuko and (Y/N) are going to be hanging all over each other and we won’t be able to do any guy things. This is a disaster!”
“Oh.” Aang glanced back at the couple on the beach. ‘What were they talking about?‘ 

“So, um… What have they told you about me?” Zuko asked nervously.
(Y/N) Was new to the gang and didn’t know much about Zuko. He was worried that his past was going to affect how she felt about him, even though he was on the good guy’s side now.
“Not much, they told me a few stories but other than that nothing.” ‘Why’s he so nervous? Is he hiding something? Is it about when he was against us?’
‘Should I tell her? What would she think about me then? No, she’d think of me as some monster.’
“So, after we defeat your da- um, father,” (Y/N) figured out on her own that Zuko didn’t have a good relationship with his Father. Zuko’s jaw clenching at the mention of his father proved her to be right.
“Yeah, what about it?”
“Well, does that mean you’ll be Firelord?”
Zuko stopped in his tracks, head turned away from her.
“I’m no leader… Someone else will have to do it.”
“Nobody else can, not the way I know you can. Zuko, you’ll be a great leader, I can see it inside of you.”
“No, you don’t understand the things I’ve done, you don’t know my past.” He said, still refusing to look her in the eye.
“I know you did some things that were wrong, things that you regret now. I know that you were smart enough to see what you were doing was wrong and switched sides. I know that you’re one of us now. That’s good enough for me.” She reached out to grab both of his hands.
'No… Nobody believes that I can actually do this, and they’re right to do so.“ He wouldn’t admitt it, but tears were forming in his eyes.
“I believe in you.”
Those four words made his head snap up. Other than his Uncle, nobody really believed in him before.
And he did something even he didn’t expect.
He pulled her body close to his and wrapped his arms around her, her head in his chest as he hugged her tight.
“Thank you.” It was so quiet that she almost missed it, but she heard him. So she pulled away and cupped his face in her hand, a sweet smile on her face. They were so close that their noses were touching and their breaths were mixed together. And they just stood there for a while, his hands on her waist, her’s cupping his face, smiles on both of their faces.
“Awe, how cute is that.” Katara said, resting her arm on the railing of the balcony, chin in her palm, as the four of them watched the scene go down.
“Cute? It’s aweful!” Katara rolled her eyes at her brother.
“So, are they a thing now or…” Aang asked, confused, though his question went unanswered.
“I can’t see anything they’re doing.” Toph said.
“Ewe, they’re kissing!” Sokka exclaimed.
“Come on, we should give them a bit of privacy.” Aang said, knowing that they wouldn’t like it if they knew they were watching such a personal moment.
“He’s doomed.” Sokka mumbled to Aang as they walked inside

the signs as out of context avatar: the last airbender quotes:
  • Aries: "she's crazy and she needs to go down."
  • Taurus: "take a bite out of the silver sandwich!"
  • Gemini: "hello, Zuko here..."
  • Cancer: "BOOMERANG! you DO always come back!"
  • Leo: "it's ok, you can laugh. it's funny."
  • Virgo: "you're so cute. it's a pity you're made of meat."
  • Libra: "you're beautiful when you hate the world."
  • Scorpio: "I AM COMPLETELY CALM!"
  • Sagittarius: "I asked if you were cold, I didn't ask for your life story."
  • Capricorn: "oh, look! it's your honour!"
  • Aquarius: "it's just hot leaf juice."
  • Pisces: "....and DIE."

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More fic recs by picky anon! These are (I consider) well-written one-shots: Tremors by CuriosityRedux (post-war Zutara, very interesting concept of lightning's after-effects), Through Wide, Grey Eyes by Orlissa (Zutara, Aangst, one-sided kataangst - the only kataang i like bc = mature Aang), Children of War by ohsoxalive (B3, exploration of group dynamics, minor/implied Zutara), Even So by lewilder (Zutara, cutest arranged marriage AU fic ever!!), Born Swimming by nymja (very short, very cute!)

picky anon here again! :D If you’re ever in the mood for something wacky/crazy/funny here are some crack!fics: A Matter of Honor by Adridere (Toph-centric, post-war, eventual zutara & taang, smutty but hilarious), Kyoshi Hold Em by cupid-painted-blind (Jet is alive, post-war, really funny), Too Cold For You Here by LikeADove (ok here I use the term crack loosely, but cmon postwar Azula matchmaking Zutara? its a little crack!y. Very amusing & way better than the comics garbage)

Picky anon here again! Hope youre not sick of me yet haha. The Sparrowkeet Series by audreyii-fic, particularly Part 15: The Final Chakra ;) (angsty, smutty Zutara B3 rewrite, Zuko’s character & motivations are very badboy!Zuko though, so if youre not digging the beginning just skip ahead to part 15), The Stalking Series by emletish (3 parts, Katara-centric, over 90k words in total I think, fluffy & adorable Zutara, dorky!Zuko <3 amazing characterization, feel-good brilliant writing)

Wow, thanks for all the recs! It’s good to have a list like this, and not go in blind. ^.^

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Taang or Kataang

They’re both adorable. Kataang is pure honey, and I think it’s just so cute when Aang and Toph are doing the same Bending moves simultaneously.

Romantic, friendship, rivalry, deadly enemies au, whatever. I mildly ship it all for these two.

(I say “mildly” because neither Taang nor Kataang have Mai, Sokka, or Azula in them.)

Wow, sorry for the complete silence guys. It has been a busy month for me, to make a vast understatement. I’ve just moved house last weekend, the most recent of my time-consuming activities, and while I wait for internet to be connected (and I use all my mobile data), I’ve been working on these guys. I completed these Avatar characters for a custom order over Christmas and have very slowly been putting together the patterns. 

They’re not up in the shop just yet, it will still be a few weeks before that probably, but since I haven’t posted any new stuff in a while, and I love how they turned out so much, I thought ah well I’ll post them anyway! 

Hopefully life will have calmed down by next weekend and I can get back to posting some patterns regularly and working on more new characters! Looking forward to that time :D

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Do you think Aang and Toph could've been given a believable love story if there was a Book 4?

what do you think of toph/aang?

I know you’re a Zutara shipper, but do you think the Taang ship could have reasonably worked?

Ok, so I am getting a lot of questions about Taang. And the short answer for whether I think it could have worked is: Yes. If the writers had chosen to go in that direction, I definitely think that Taang could have been a cute pairing. Both Aang and Toph only show attraction to Katara and Sokka, but that is actually something that might have been a point of common ground for them in the future. Both had preteen crushes on their older teammates and can relate.

I definitely think it is in the realm of possibility for Aang and Toph to have some chemistry down the line, as they got older. They are both at the same point in development since they are the same age, so that is definitely an improvement over Kataang. There is no awkward difference in puberty between them. Aang’s feelings for Katara were an immature infatuation and I think he would have outgrown his idealized view of romance as he entered puberty.

After that, it is believable that he may have developed an attraction to Toph. Toph is a bit rough, but she doesn’t coddle Aang, and I definitely think that he needs someone who can be blunt with him when he needs it. He also needs someone who he can see as an equal, and not as a prize. As he got older, he might appreciate Toph’s unique personality more. And Toph needs someone who she can let her guard down around and be affectionate with. She definitely has a warm friendship with Aang that is a good starting point.

Whereas Katara acts like Aang’s mother, Toph is more of a peer. Aang acts like himself around Toph. She also shows playful teasing and affection to Aang at times, like her with nickname of Twinkletoes, for instance. It would not surprise me if Toph eventually developed a crush on Aang. Unfortunately, in canon, even Aang and Toph’s friendship was underdeveloped and it never got the attention it deserved.

Aang’s more “feminine” personality may complement Toph’s more “masculine” personality well. In any case, I definitely think Taang is a vast improvement over Kataang. There wouldn’t be any of the “sweetie” stuff for starters. And since they are both so young, any romance would be very subtle. No forced make-out session, like with Kataang. It could have been cute.

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Send me a Ship and I’ll tell you:  

  • Who’s more dominant: IS THIS EVEN QUESTION. Toph, obviously.
  • Who’s the cuddler: Okay… I secretly see Toph being a cuddler. Like she would hate to admit it, but every night after she thinks Aang is asleep, she curls up with her head on his stomach. 
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Aang is the big spoon for sure. Toph is so tiny and cute. 
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Earth RUMBLES!!!
  • Who cooks: I imagine they each cook their own food. Toph obviously likes meat and Aang has special dietary requirements, so splitting the work would just be easier for them both.
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: Toph. I can’t see Aang drinking, but he is probably with her. Carrying her. Or literally dragging her.
  • Who kills the spiders: No doubt it’s Toph.
  • Who falls asleep first: Aang. Toph is kept awake a bit longer by all the vibrations everywhere. Aang did buy them an extra cushy mattress to help cut down on all of it though. 
  • A head canon: Aang came up with a way to help Toph understand colors: For green, he says, “It’s green, like how grass feels.” Or for yellow, he says “It’s yellow, like how the sunshine feels.” So Toph associates colors with a sensation and green is her favorite color now because she likes the way grass feels the best.
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif:

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ATLA and LOK Characters as Musical Instruments

Aang: Flute

Flutes are really old and Aang is also old as shit.

Sokka: Bugle

Bugles=military. Sokka=warrior.

Katara: Harp

Elegant and beautiful and classy, just like Katara. 

Toph: Drums

Both loud and obnoxious. But awesome.

Zuko: Tiny violin

Just so cute and vulnerable*~*~

Korra: Electric guitar

The cool loud version of the classic guitar. Korra is the cool loud Avatar.

Asami: Keyboard

Old people probably hated it when it came around just like old people in the avatar world probably hate some of Asami’s new fangled inventions.

Bolin: Triangle

You don’t really know what it’s for but every group needs one for some reason.

Mako: That record scratch sound

The sound of a party being broken up, something Mako does every time he appears on screen.

Opal: Xylophone

It sounds as cute as Opal looks.

Pema: Recorder

Plastic, fake, and worthless.

Tenzin: Pan flute

Weird nerd instrument. Tenzin would know every single thing about a pan flute and would tell you the in depth history of it if you ever politely said “cool pan flute”.

Bumi: Kazoo or Bag Pipes

You need a good set of lungs to play these. Bumi has a good set of lungs for all his talking.

Kya: Ukelele

Hippy-ish but awesome.

Lin: Tuba

A tuba got more page space in the book 4 art book than Lin so she’s gonna be a tuba to make myself feel better about that travesty.

Su: Saxophone 

The coolest instrument for the character who thinks she’s the coolest.

Tokka fic rec

as requested by anon


Swimming Lesson

Sokka teaching Toph how to swim. Could it get any cuter? I don’t think so! Plus, there’s a bit of drama that makes it all even better.


Sokka does thing differently when he’s drunk, and the effects carry over to the morning after. One of my favorites.


A beautifully written take on how being the sidekick couple isn’t so bad.


Push Push

Two words: matchmaker Zuko. Short but, oh so cute.

Chocolate Chips And Bruises

Drunk Sokka is always good.


Tokka bickering for a good reason. I really love Sokka in this one.

Conditionally Yours

Proposal time! Of course Toph wouldn’t say yes that easily. 


Too Late

One of my favorite ones ever. Toph’s take on Katara and Aang and Suki and Sokka’s wedding. Made my eyes water.

Smutty ones

Next Time

I don’t even know what to say about this one. It’s just one of the best fanfics I’ve ever read. 

Say My Name

I still haven’t finished this one yet (even though it’s a oneshot) but I gotta say I love where this is going…

A New Kind Of Nickname

Councilman Sokka and Chief Toph. Sassy Toph is what I live for, dear. 


Simple smutty Tokka. It’s just cute as hell.

One Night In Ba Sing Se

I have to say that I loved this one so much I went looking for the




In which Toph is clueless about a lot of things and Sokka is happy to teach her. 

Tokka Alphabet

Lovely drabbles that made me squeal like a banshee.

Ana’s rec for me

These are the one I haven’t read yet, but I believe they’re very good

I Will Walk You Home
Who Are You?
The Push and Pull
The Drawbacks of the Indirect Approach
Nothing is Illuminated
Journeys of Three Thousand Miles
Four Times
Growing up fast
Lovers Smile
Closing the Distance
Hide and Seek

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I have to say that I was really not into the whole shipping thing when the show was first airing, but after seeing your blog it is rather interesting how it can ultimately affect the characters. I like the development that Aang might have had, and with younger audiences in mind I think it might have been a good lesson on not expecting your first crush/love to be your endgame partner (and better executed here than in TLOK). I also recently checked out "Love is a Battlefield" and... it was sad.

Yeah, I totally agree that it would have sent a far better message to kids to have Aang show some maturity and realize that he won’t just get whatever he wants. I do think that the shipping community feels the same way. They feel passionately about the series and they wanted the ships to do justice to the characters, and their development as a whole. I think that Avatar in particular has such a notorious “shipping-wars” community because of the canon ships, and how badly they ultimately fail at doing any of the characters justice, besides Sokka and Suki. And because Avatar had such excellent characters with so much depth, it was particularly offensive how the romance was handled.

Love is a Battlefield is a perfect example of this. Katara simply does not act romantically interested in Aang. She received an unexpected and unwanted kiss, and her lack of desire to bring the subject up clearly demonstrates that she does not return Aang’s romantic feelings and only views him as a friend. Aang is not happy with this, but instead of treating it as a meaningful opportunity for character growth and development, the story presents Katara’s rejection as nothing but an obstacle to be overcome. He does not seem interested in actually discussing her feelings; he is solely concerned with his own, and feeling like she isn’t giving him what he wants. We, as the viewer, are expected to see Aang’s hurt feelings as an injustice against him. He’s the hero, so of course he “deserves” to get the girl he likes. So instead of treating the subject with maturity, we get Aang throwing a tantrum and then exploding at Katara–literally. Katara of course, “comes around” in the end. Nothing learned.

The cartoon series had a lot of good writers who tried to do romantic relationships much better and with much more authenticity. The Fortuneteller seemed to me, to be an episode that was trying to handle things more realistically. Here we see Aang get a taste of his own medicine, so to speak. He finally realizes first-hand how awkward it can be to have someone have a crush you, when you do not like them. Ehasz co-wrote this episode, and it seemed to be his intention to put things in perspective for Aang, to maybe help him see that his behavior can be aggravating. Like Aang, Meng is a very cute kid, but like many kids who have a crush, her clingy behavior can be annoying. Aang should have had to learn this same lesson.

Toph has a similar infatuation with Sokka that Aang has for Katara. It’s cute, but Sokka only ever shows romantic interest in dating girls his own age, which is entirely realistic. But the story treats Toph’s crush far differently than it does with Aang’s. Because Toph is not the main character, her feelings are depicted as just a normal part of growing up, and the viewer has no expectation that she is entitled to Sokka’s romantic interest. She never becomes angry with Sokka for dating Suki, and so this never becomes an issue for the viewer. The show does not spend an inordinate amount of time depicting Toph pining for Sokka the way it does with Aang, nor do various characters encourage her to “be persistent”. Toph and Sokka are actually pretty cute together, if you ask me, and I would definitely ship them if Toph were a bit older and he wasn’t with Suki. But as it stands, it is a one-sided crush.

Aang’s feelings come across in the same way. One-sided. He would have been a much better character, not to mention a better Avatar, if he had to actually grow up. His feelings are not really love, and this is okay, as long as he realized it and had to mature in the end. But he doesn’t. He is given special treatment as the main character that Meng and Toph never get. At 12 years old, he alone gets a free pass and does not have to mature or become less self-centered as a character. Aang was a very likable character in Books 1 and 2, and I do not remember him receiving any strong negative sentiments from the fandom. Now he has a sizable number of fans that actively resent him and this is entirely the fault of Bryke and Kataang. I completely understand the frustration with Aang’s character and I do not like what he ultimately became.

The relationship also does Katara no justice. She is a strong and opinionated character, so seeing her wind up in a relationship at the end with someone whose romantic advances she avoided throughout most of the show, is painful to see. Especially someone that she did not seem to be able to communicate with on an equal level. She never once engages in an adult conversation with Aang. Avatar was always very realistic regarding relationships, especially in Books 1 and 2. Book 3 dropped the ball. In The Fortuneteller, Katara seemed so excited to ponder her romantic future and she did not think of Aang a single time during this scene. At the end, the episode “hints” that an eventual relationship with Aang is simply her destiny. That is not a very romantic scenario. It is hardly a surprise that fans are unsatisfied with this.

First loves/infatuations can be a terrific learning experience, especially when they fail. Katara learned a lot from her relationship with Jet. She learned that sometimes crushes can blind you from the truth and that putting someone on a pedestal is a big mistake. Sokka was definitely the hero in that episode. Once she learned about Jet’s life and his backstory, it helped her come to see him as a whole person, a very flawed and imperfect individual, and not just a perfect cute boy. This understanding, and his later actions to try to atone for his past actions allowed her to forgive him, and his death strongly affected her. Not because she had a crush on him, but because his entire life story as a person, was simply very tragic.

And I agree with you that The Legend of Korra executed this first love concept poorly, because Bryke only decided to break up Mako and Korra, who they said were “made for each other” because of fan backlash to their handling of the romance. It didn’t really feel like the story was trying to send any messages or teach any lessons with the relationships. It felt more like a soap opera, with Bryke just making things up as they went along, depending on the fandom’s reaction. Mako and Korra’s romance ultimately felt pointless, and had no real sense of closure for me.


I felt a strong urge to draw the gaang with their babies *>,<* I dont care about timelines, just wanted to see them together holding their little ones!!! Oh and Katara being the one making a photo, I did not forget her okay

And Sokka being the happiest uncle in the whole avatar universe!! ^\\^

So I've been watching ATLA...

…and thinking about Dragon Age. Consider this: Avatar/Dragon Age AU. (Sorry if someone’s done this already)

  • Elves as Airbenders
  • Qunari as Waterbenders
  • Dwarves as Earthbenders
  • Humans as Firebenders
  • Cute little Elf!Aang
  • Sokka and Katara as Teenage Qunari
  • Dwarf!Toph
  • I toyed with the idea of swapping Qunari and Humans between Firebenders and Waterbenders, but Qunari worked both ways and I feel like Humans only worked as Firebenders, since, you know, they kind of ruin everything a lot of the time.

*Extends arms, closes eyes, and races chin to the heavens* SLAM DUNK ME IN THE TRASH WHERE I BELONG!!!!