Okay, let’s talk about Avatar

I just thought of the series again, and there are things i wanna talk about. (This will be pretty disorganized word vomit)

(Also really long)


Sokka was so much more than comic relief. Sokka and Katara both lost their parents when they were really young. His father told little baby Sokka it was his job to protect the village. Which he did to the best of his ability. Sokka’s reaction to Aang was perfectly reasonable. But he was able to get past his suspicion, and he was able to leave the village, which was so hard for him. By leaving tr village, he was also leaving behind his only chance to see his father again.

Sokka’s first girlfriend turned into the moon. Think about that. It’s played off as a joke later (that’s rough, buddy), but that had to be traumatizing for Sokka. And now Yue watches him everywhere he goes. How do you get over your ex if she’s always there? Especially since they both still loved each other.

Another joke throughout the series is Sokka being “boomerang guy”. That is so cool, though. He’s surrounded bysome of the best benders in history, and instead of being threatened or brought down by them, he says, “who needs magic water when I have my boomerang?” And he holds himself to the same standard as the benders. He doesn’t think he can do less than them just because he doesn’t bend; he fights just as much as everyone else

Sokka is incredibly intelligent and good at problem solving. He’s the one who always comes up with plans and keeps everyone on track

Sokka manages to keep his sense of humor even though they’re literally in the middle of a war, and that’s amazing


Zuko was banished for refusing to fight his father, which he only had to do because he didn’t want people to die. After he got banished and went into the real world, he had to come to terms with the fact that everything he’s known since he was born is a lie. He had to realize that his own father doesn’t love him. He had to realize that the Avatar, the person he’s been trying to capture, is on the right side of things, and his father and most of his nation are actually wrong (I won’t say bad, because they’re taught a different history). It took time, but he got there eventually, and I am so proud of him.

Zuko is just a sad, broken little boy, who needed to figure himself out and learn how to love


Okay, we all know the story of Iroh from Tales of Bah Sing Se (are you crying cause I am). Iroh helps everyone atone for the fact that he couldn’t help his son. But I don’t know if it’s really understood that his son died under Iroh’s command. Iroh not only is grieving his son, buy he feels like he personaaly killed him. And he sees his son in Zuko, that’s why he fights so hard for him. Also, his favourite tea is jasmine. Cute little fact, right? Everyone likes to know chara favourites. But here’s the thing. Jasmine is pretty picky. It can only be made properly at a certain temperature, or you scald it, making it bitter (remember when he calls the tea shop’s tea “hot leaf juice”? It’s cause they burned the tea). Iroh usually (until they get to Bah Sing Se) heats his tea with his bending. That means he’s able to control his bending well enough to keep it at a certain temperature for a pretty long time, and that is awesome. Iroh is usually pretty laid back, but when he needs to, he can kick ass or get on to Zuko when he needs it. Iroh is an amazing father, and it’s a shame his own kid didn’t get to see who Iroh becomes.


A lot of people give Aang crap for running away, but here’s the thing: Aang is twelve. Aang is twelve years old, and suddenly he’s told he’s the Avatar, and his entire life and future is decided for him. And it’s not a future he wants. I would’ve run away too. It’s not like he meant to dissapear for a hundred years. And he spends the entire series making up for it. Aang is actually an amazing protagonist; instead of relying on brute and muscle, he relies on intelligence, cunning, and kindness. He turns his greatest enemy into his best friend.

And he never loses that kindness. It would be so easy for Aang to give up and use his amazing bending to get what he wants, but he won’t. He always tries to find a non-violent way. Or at least the least violent way. Even when he does attack, he doesn’t attack in a way that would hurt someone, just incapacitate them. No matter how bad the person he’s facing is. He always keeps his optimistic view, even though he’s literally on the front lines of a war

Also, while it took most avatars years to master the elements, Aang learned them in one summer. Not just the basics, either. He’s completely mastered them. He’s even learned the offshoots of bending; metal bending, lightning, that thing Toph does to see (i don’t think he learns blood bending, but he doesn’t need to)

Also, this kid literally died. Can we not forget that? Aang died at one point


Here’s the thing about Ty Lee; she doesn’t use violence. Ever. But when she fights, she is the most terrifying person. She can completely paralyze you by hitting a few nerve pointa. She’s small and non-threatening, but anyone who’s ever fought with her is terrified to do it again


Can we not forget that Toph is like, ten? And she taught herself how to bend, how to read vibrations, how to freaking BEND METAL. No one had ever done it before, and this little girl invents it, in like, five minutes. She’s also such a powerful bender, she is the undefeated champion of the underground betting ring. At ten. And also blind. This woman is amazing.


Katara is such a bad ass. She won’t take injustice laying down, no matter what it is. She fights so hard for what she thinks is right. She’s so kind and generous. Even before Zuko joined them, she was going to use her super special water to heal his scar. She sees the good in everyone (even if sometimes she’s too stubborn to look for it). She acts like a mother to the group; kind and loving and understanding, but also stubborn and determined and makes sure edryone acts right.

Also, let’s not forget she called Sokka a “giant eared cretin”


Azula was ruthless and determined to get what she wants. She’ll do whatever I takes (except i don’t think she actually kills anyone)

But here’s the thing; she’s also a broken little girl. When she was younger, she would always wonder why she had to be mean to everyone. Her own mother gave up on her as a lost cause.

She wants to trust people, she wants to love people, and she wants to be loved. But she’s afraid. Her own mother doesn’t love her, thinks she’s a monster. So how could she be anything else?

We never see her mother actually try to help her, when only see her scold Azula.

Azula’s over confidence is a mask to hide a small, broken, and unloved girl.

Remember the mirror scene? She can’t get her hair to act right, and her first thought is to get rid of it. But then she imagines her mother coming, and she telling her she had beautiful hair. Azula knows she didn’t handle it well, that her first instinct shouldn’t be violence

She imagines her mother teling her she loves her. All Azula wanted was to be loved.

Her mother gets onto her for controlling Mei and Ty Lee. She knows it’s wrong, knows she shouldn’t control her friends. But she can’t trust them to stay. Can’t trust them to like her for who she is

Azula never wanted to turn out this way, never wanted to be a monster. But she didn’t see another option