Gigantoraptor by Gonzalo Jara: “This reconstruction is based on a Cassowary (Casuarius sp.) and represents a male patrolling it’s territory. In the background there are two females. The two little pterosaurids are completely invented. ”

I’ve added the picture I guess mr. Jara used as reference. Photo by Robert South

Baryonyx walkeri by Gonzalo Jara, illustration based on these footprints:

“If you visit the Museo de Salas de los Infantes website you can see that in Costalomo deposit are some of the most impressive icnites of the world. The particularity is that some of these footprints are extruded from the ground due to the very special conditions the dinosaur faced when it left the footprints. I tried to represent this moment in my illustration, and well, I tried to do my best. I hope you like it.” Full comment here