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Westboro Members Now Live Next To House Painted Colors Of Transgender Flag

The Equality House, the rainbow-colored house across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, just expanded its compound — with a home painted the colors of the trans flag — and by doing so furthered its visible statement of solidarity with the queer community.

Gandalf The White And Professor Albus Dumbledore To ‘Wed’ At The Equality House

Gandalf the White and Professor Albus Dumbledore are having a wedding – and you’re invited.

The two fictional characters will wed this Sunday, June 7, at the Equality House in Topeka, Kansas. The Equality House is a building painted the colors of the gay pride flag and sitting across the street from The Westboro Baptist compound. It is sponsored by non-profit Planting Peace.

For more on the wedding go here.

“I’m a proud and openly gay man. I’m no scientist, but from my own life experiences, and those of my peers, I do know that being gay is not optional.”

Planting Peace, a nonprofit organization based in Topeka, Kansas, erected a new billboard on Wednesday down the road from where the PFOX billboard once stood. The new sign, designed in the same color and style as the PFOX billboard and featuring new photographs of Kyle Roux, reads: “Dear PFOX: Identical twins? I’m not. I’m gay. Regardless of what you believe I was born gay. And I’m proud of who I am.” (Read more)


The Westboro Baptist Church is a Pokémon gym — so players claimed it with Clefairy named “LOVEISLOVE”

A Pokémon Go player found out that the WBC compound in Topeka, Kansas, hosts a gym. In an apparent attempt to spread pro-LGBTQ love and not hate, user pinknose claimed the gym with a Clefairy named “LoveIsLove.” Awesome, right? Then shit got weird. The Westboro Church is fighting back — with a jigglypuff.

“Your teacher is everywhere, waiting for you to be ready. That’s the model you can work on. So you don’t have to rush to India because it’s always right where you are. There are beings who can get as high as any enlightened being ever got, sitting in the middle of Topeka, Kansas, or in the middle of New York, or in the middle of anywhere. It depends on your readiness, and that has to do with your karma or your readiness to get on with it all.”
~Ram Dass~


One year ago I got to perform in front of the equality house in protest of the westboro baptist churches hate.


Banksy Reveals ‘Dismaland’ and Announces ‘War on Fun’

British street artist and pretentious douchebag Banksy recently revealed his newest art exhibit Weston-super-Mare, UK, which he has dubbed Dismaland.  The piece features an array of elements, such as a decrepit castle and various artworks from all over the world, to satirize escapist and corporate theme parks around the world.  In addition to the satiric abandoned theme park, Banksy also announced a War on Fun, which he plans to fight with dozens of art pieces on British streets that people may or may not pay attention to.

“Theme parks should have bigger themes, man,” Banksy stated, whispering through the doors of an abandoned Hot Topic in Topeka, Kansas.  “Fun is frivilous.  You should be mad at the world.  ALL THE TIME.  NO FUN.  ONLY ANGER.”

Banksy, who was recently revealed to be 15-year-old Joshua Schmidt, is a British street artist and student at Claudia Taylor “Lady Bird” Johnson High School.  In addition to his famous anti-society street artwork, Banksy is also president of his school’s Philosophy Club and is the lead singer of a Fall Out Boy cover band, Sell Out Boy.  More information about Dismaland can be found on Joshua’s DeviantART page and his tumblr.(x).