ok maybe help me out here bc im real bad at numbers, but

  • David Tennant announced he’s leaving Oct 08
  • Matt Smith was confrimmed Jan 09
  • Karen Gillian was announced May 09
  • David Tennant bowed out December 09

compared to

  • PCap says he’s leaving Jan 17
  • 13 is unveiled in July 17
  • PCap deucing December 17
  • new companion probably named sometime late this year or early next year

so you’ve got a three-month gap between the leaving/entering notices of 10 and 11, and a six month gap between 12 and 13. 14 months between the Official Announcement of Done and last episode, vs 10, but those specials were just the worst and they dragged on forever that should not have happened the way it did.

like, dunno, i keep seeing all these posts about how it’s just bad and disrespectful to announce the new dr now but like. i don’t see it? feels about right? 10 hung on too long, imo. like i wouldn’t say no to a specials season with 12, bc i love them, but it’d just be a self-indulgent last tour, like i wouldn’t genuinely ask for it. i don’t think the pace here is much different from the last time DW changed showrunner, Dr, and companion. i’m not really feeling why people are so mad. am i missing something?


Chevrolet Lifts Lid on 2016 Camaro Convertible

  • Fully automatic operation with latches that automatically release and secure the top
  • Capability of opening or closing at speeds up to 30 mph
  • Remote opening with the key fob
  • A hard tonneau cover that deploys automatically, providing a more refined, finished appearance when the top is lowered and stowed.

The electro-hydraulic power roof system features multilayer construction – including acoustic and thermal barriers – designed for a comfortable, quiet driving experience in all seasons. 

The new Camaro convertible arrives in early 2016.