Guys, I need your help more than ever right now.

I am entered in a contest to open for Tyler Ward at a concert, This has been my dream and I am so close. 

What I need YOU to do is simple, click the link on this post, log in with facebook and or twitter, then press 5/5 stars on my video, You can vote EVERYDAY! Please repost this. I want to win this so bad, you have no idea how much it would mean <3


Oh Darnit.

For Kevin Lien’s contest when he asked people to answer which song he’d cover next, i totally thought the answer was Katy Perry’s Firework. But I was like, “Nahh, no point, I wouldn’t get randomly chosen. Besides, I’m probably wrong, I’m never right with this stuff.”

…But it was.


Should’ve entered. Damn.