Traditional Astrological Birthstones

March: Aquamarine - Pisces and Aries

Aquamarine, the Stone of Valor, helps emotional Pisces and Aries balance their powerful emotions, brings out their natural courage, and enhances self-awareness.

April: Diamond - Aries and Taurus

Diamond, the Stone of Kings, brings out the holder’s consistency and strengthens trust and confidence.

May: Emerald - Taurus and Gemini

Emerald, Stone of Success, eliminates negativity, enhances focus and awakens the mind.

June: Pearl - Gemini and Cancer

Pearl, Stone of Sincerity, assists in focus and reflection and radiates calming energy.

July: Ruby - Cancer and Leo

Ruby, Stone of Nobility, is a powerful psychic shield, encourages gentleness in times of stress, and provides guidance in times of need.

August: Peridot - Leo and Virgo

Peridot, Stone of Cycles, enables growth, protects the holder from negative energy, and opens the holder’s mind.

September: Sapphire - Virgo and Libra

Sapphire, Stone of Prosperity, expels unwanted thoughts and opens the mind to the beauty in the world and inspires the holder to pursue their dreams.

October: Opal - Libra and Scorpio

Opal, the Stone of Happy Dreams, awakens creativity, inspires spontaneity and strengthens loyalty, key to the nature of Librans and Scorpios.

November: Citrine - Scorpio and Sagittarius

Citrine, the Merchant’s Stone, enhances the holder’s self-confidence, inspires self-expression and assists in working through strong emotions.

December: Topaz - Sagittarius and Capricorn

Topaz, Stone of Success, inspires individuality, confidence and creativity while expelling negative energy from the holder.

January: Garnet - Capricorn and Aquarius

Garnet, the Stone of Health, strengthens the holder’s empathy and empowers them to focus and commit as well as give their all no matter what.

February: Amethyst - Aquarius and Pisces

Amethyst, Stone of Spirituality, balances the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies and enhances cooperation, flexibility, and soothes the temperament.