East Cleveland Team East Staging Location | 110312 | 8:18 | The staging locations are the tip of the nerves thought the election system. This is where we send canvassers out, give early voters rides to the Board of Elections to vote, and on Election Day keep an eye on the polling sites in our area. #forall #obama2012 #forward #ohio #presidentialelection2012 #topazagram #photography

Cleveland County HQ | 110212 | 10:17 | Morning meeting going through all notes before splitting up for the day. Next time this group will be altogether will be Tuesday night. Today will be spent canvassing and signing up volunteers. Canvassing is the greatest factor in getting people out to vote. It takes someone knocking on your door. Avg is 10-14 doors knocked on means 1 vote. #obama2012 #forward #photojournalism #presidentialelection2012 #topazagram #documentary