Welcome To Top of The World by Craig Bendele
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Welcome to Top of The World Lounge! This has got to be one of my favorite places in WDW now. If you are able to, try to go during sunset. It is beautiful to watch the sunset over the Grand Floridian. This picture was pretty easy to take. I did set the white balance to cloudy to get more of a saturated sunset color. I also ran this one through topaz adjust 4 for fun. I am finding that I like topaz for images that are already pretty good, but I am not enjoying using topaz to try to save images.

quetzalrofl asked:

So I saw a post from ggeology about the Mohs Hardness Scale, and I noticed that Quartz is listed at a rating of 7 out of 10. Did a little image searching and found that the example rankings for 7-10 were always Quartz, Topaz, Corundum, and Diamond, in that order. Perhaps there was no Pink Diamond, and that's why Jasper still called her Rose Quartz. I predict that the remaining members of the "Diamond Authority" will have names like "Blue Topaz" and "White Corundum".

woah omg im rooting for this theory (especially cause that makes the diamond authority a bunch of hard asses heheh)

Pink Diamond theory

Rose Quartz was never called “Pink Diamond”. Given how the Crewniverse often pays close attention to geology and rock-related folklore when it comes to giving each Gem a meaningful name, my prediction is that the remaining two leaders of the so-called “Diamond Authority” will have names like “Blue Topaz” and “White Corundum.” Just do an image search of the Mohs Hardness Scale and you will find that quartz, topaz, corundum and diamond are listed as the four hardest minerals.

i never really felt like i wanted 2 design a gemsona ever b/c pearl is basically my gemsona but i really liked the combo of things i got w/ that “gemsona generator” thing so i doodled one quick

i like topaz b/c it is Soft and Flaky like me and a nosegem works for me too tbh…

its a sweaty nervous gem who doesnt have a weapon so it just flies away from conflict

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