It’s me, Cool Anon #24601!

Introducing Topaz! A fan fusion I made between Pearl and Peridot! I combined how Pearl gets carried away along with how Peridot can be mean, to make the ultimate dictator gem!

I made these texts sometime after
‘Back to the Barn’ and before ‘Too Far’.
Sorry that I have a lousy editor! You may need to click on it and zoom in.

Oh, and textsbetweengems, tell me what you think in the tags, I look forward to it.

If you want to draw my fan fusion of Pearl and Peridot, Topaz, email it to and I’ll reply with what I like about it. In case you forgot, her weapon is an axe.

—Cool Anon #24601—

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Kim’s Summer GazettE-Gif-A-Day Challenge

[ 92-101/? ] NLSB Uruha Hair Porn
for skaru★ 

once again, i am gay,

this is peacock topaz! shes the fusion of my larimar and burmese tourmaline, whose beautiful design belongs to @goodknight2sday :O
honestly i liked 2sdays design so much that i kept most of it :’) when i first glanced at her she reminded me of an 80s dancercise instructor, so i sorta ran with that and gave topaz legwarmers lmao

hope you like it, 2sday, thanks for letting me mash these two together! (speaking of which, im always down for fusions w/ larimar, so if anyone wants to fuse………… hmu…… 👀)