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anonymous asked:

how do you make your manips? like how did u learn to create them? such talent, my dude

hi! i make my manips using Photoshop CS6 (other versions are good too or you can try GIMP which is open source) as for how i learned how to make them it’s a bit of a trial and error i’d say…i’m still learning tbh… i just watched some tutorials and played around in Ps… a lot. 

making manips in my experience is 50% about looking for resources, 30% actually making the thing, 10% frustration, 10% luck… i really think that once you get the right images (which means right angle of the face/body) fitting everything comes easily…add in a ton of adjustment layers, some fancy effects (i use the topaz labs plugin to blend everything in at the end usually) and you’re done… you have to be careful with making sure you got the shadows right too like that’s one big thing imo to make sure it looks real…

idk if this helped…i’d offer to make a tutorial or a video of how i work but my process is so messy idk if it would help or confuse you even more :P 

feel free to msg me or leave me an ask if you want some more infos!