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Elegant Beauty Stunning Eyes Remastered.7z

Elegant Beauty Stunning Eyes - Remastered
Teaser post with demo mod
Mod includes the first 16 eyes I’ve completed.  Each eye color has three different pupil sizes to choose from.
The final version of the mod will have tons of eye colors to choose from.
The demo is for humanoid female only.  The final mod will allow for males and elves to use them.

The eyes of Beauty for the Alpha Channel/Eyelashes
Topaz Labs - Glow Plugin for Photoshop
Obsidian Dawn for Iris brushes.
All the real people who’s eye parts have made up iris patterns, tear duct, and my own white part. 

lovelyplumbobz  asked:

hi! sorry if you might've answered this but how do you edit and what do you use to edit your pictures?

Hi! I use Adobe Photoshop CC to edit and a Photoshop plugin called Topaz Clean, which helps smooth out my pictures while still keeping them crisp. Sometimes I use Photoshop actions and one of my favorite actions is the Bright n’ Smooth Action by @cupidjuice. Additionally, I have all of my in-game settings on Ultra so that my screenshots are high quality. I hope this answers your question!