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How I edit my pictures! :D I thought this could be useful since when I started my simblr I always wanted to know how people made there pictures so smooth/crisp. D’:

You will need: Photoshop, Crazycupcake “Action!”, Topaz Clean and Topaz Denoise (or an action that replaces these.)

Let’s start with marshmallow Eliana.

Run Topaz clean and denoise with these settings.

Then I run Crazycupcakes action and adjust the color balance. I also adjust the curves to make it lighter or darker depending on the photo.

TA DA. Have fun with it! I usually change it up depending on what i’m editing but this is my basic outline. <3


Victorian by Thomas Dwyer
Via Flickr:
Lebanon, Ohio (Topaz Labs and Google software)

Steven Universe Gems Sleeping Headcanons

Notes: this will not include Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl since we already know there’s.

Lapis: Has a bit of trouble falling asleep, but once she does she can stay asleep for literal weeks.

Peridot: Cat naps in little tight balls, wakes up and freaks out at any loud sounds.

jasper: tosses and turns a lot, is probably a blanket hog.

aquamarine: Light sleeper. Eye mask, fan on her, and about 30 blankets. Just the whole 9 yards with this one.

Topaz: Back sleeper, snores a bit but is a total cuddle monster.

Ruby: Fussy sleeper, probably sleep walks.

Sapphire: Side sleeper, occasionally inhales her hair. Has a hard time sleeping because of blankets.

anonymous asked:

Could you please post or find the link for Topaz for mac? I've been looking everywhere for it, everyone is just being so stubborn about it! You just seem nice and friendly to your anons, and your answers aren't always "faq" "faq" "FAQ"!!!!11!111

Go here [x] and install ‘topaz clean’ then when it’s installed, restart your Photoshop, and once that’s restarted, you will see under Filter > Topaz Labs, you click that and it’ll ask you for a serial code, input this code:


If it doesn’t ask you for the serial code, you will just go to Menu > Enter code and enter it there! :D