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I’ll just be sharing some choice dialogue from my kid cousins as they watched SU Wanted because it encapsulates all the gut feelings so darn well.

The theory of what happens next as told by my 8 year-old cousin:

After they finish hugging, Steven will tell everything that happened. And then they’re all going to be like, “WHAAT” and Connie will say, “You left Lars!? We have to go back for him!”

So they all go back through Lion’s mane (my ten year-old cousin shouts “WITH SADIE”) and go to Homeworld then they see Lars and the new gems. Then they have adventures on Homeworld and then everybody goes home the end. 

On all the Lars-will-die theories, my ten year-old cousin says 100% calmly:

If Rebecca Sugar makes Lars die I’m going to be very angry with her.

She also says:

Steven’s life is so complicated. If everyone expected that much of me, I would be crying already.

And this gem, after watching Lars’ Head she says:

Can you play the next episode please? (And when I said there wasn’t one yet) Now I’m sad. If I didn’t watch the episodes I wouldn’t be sad but then if I didn’t watch the episodes I would be sad I didn’t watch them.

Both my cousins have been going on and on since then about how it’s as if there’s no clear “bad guy” in the show. It does my heart so much joy. 

So do the really really loud NOOOOOOOOOOOO’s every time something bad happens to anyone at all.

  • Garnet: Conversation
  • Cotton Candy Garnet: Awkward silence
  • Stevonnie: Awkward conversation
  • Fluorite: Group chat
  • Alexandrite: Group argument
  • Malachite: Heated argument
  • Opal: A joke
  • Topaz: Conversation
  • Sugilite: A loud rant
  • Smoky Quartz: Rambles
  • Rainbow Quartz: Humming a tune
  • Sardonyx: Speech
  • Rhodonite: Unprepared speech
  • Rutile: Talking to myself
  • Mega Ruby: Series of commands
  • Corrupted Jasper: Grumbles and mumbles
  • Temple Fusion: A song
  • The Cluster: Discourse™

“Stuck together” leaked images!!!
Our first look at season 5!!!

Current episode list plus “scheduled” air dates
• Stuck together ~ May 31
•The trial ~ May 31
•Off colours ~ June 1
•Lars’ head ~ June 1



Lars’ Level of Suffering On a Scale of 1-10. Even though Lars may have been initially perceived as a jerk early in the show, this poor kid has been going through many physical and psychological struggles. I have been wanting to create infographics about this topic. The consensus and rating were drawn from the responses in a survey I conducted at the Steven Universe Subreddit.

Off Colored Gems

So… uh In Off Colors, The Gems explained what would happened to them if they were found, Padpar comes out, ending the sentence saying: shattered………………. What if when she spoke, she wasn’t ending the sentence but actually informing them that a gem was just shattered? What if she saw the Zircons get smashed? What happened when Lars and Steven fled after the trial????? I need answers!!!!

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