6 months later and it’s your boy Tyler again, with Kate, Charlie, Luna, and Sof bringing you the 2nd twenty one pilots blog awards! since the shutting of the eye shennanagins (god i’m a grandma)


  • Send me an ask of the URL and what category you’re nominating them for
  • Please send in only one category and person per ask (you can send in multiple asks for the same person but not all in one)
  • Follow this blog for updates
  • Self-nominating is ok! don’t worry, you’re the best and you deserve to be nominated 
  • Votes are counted through a number of likes and reblogs (not replies sorry!)
  • Please don’t reblog a nomination excessively( you can reblog multiple times just don’t spam)
  • Reblogging your own nomination is totally ok!


  • This contest will go until the 13th of August and winners will be announced on the 15th of August (this is flexible because we all got work/school)
  • Blogs cannot win two or more categories it will just be the runner up!

Best edits

Best fanfics

Best fanart

Best URL

Best Josh URL

Best Tyler URL      

Nicest blogger

Best theme

Best couple

Best icon

Funniest blogger

Best content

Best overall